Draupnir? Titanium?

So I have saved up some money in my “hobby funds” and think I may splurge on a nice yoyo. I was wondering what you guys thought. The draupnir or some titanium throw? Here are some things to consider:

-is the draupnir okay at finger spins? (Including off axis) I saw one review that said it wasn’t good for them…
-is the draupnir durable? Titanium sure is :wink:

  • is there a specific titanium good at fingerspins (either off axis or centered)?

I really want to try a draupnir but I really want a titanium yoyo… Any thoughts that may help me decide one way or the other?

Draupnir :ok_hand:t6:

Now that i made the splash into Ti, I am ver interested in getting more Ti. Ive got lots of aluminium throws, but only one Ti (for now).

The sound is just the best.

Some Draupnirs are polished, some are blasted, some are raw. The blasted Draupnirs fingerspin the best but I wouldn’t say they’re great at them in general. They get the job done though. If you go for a Draupnir, I suggest avoiding the older versions (all raws, some matte blacks, others) because they have a fairly small gap width which lends to snagging pretty easily. This has since been fixed with the newer models as they have a wider gap. If you’re buying new it shouldn’t be an issue, if you’re buying from bst just ask to make sure, all(I believe) of the more unique colors (special editions like 44Clash, blue, green, clear, etc.) are the newer models and have the wider gap.

I’ve never had one myself but I don’t think any titaniums are particularly good for fingerspins since they can’t be blasted(I’m pretty sure). Any titanium with a flat hub should at least be okay for them though, just make sure you grow your nails out a bit.

Outside of those two let me add my own suggestion. Sengoku Masamune! On par with the Draupnir in terms of performance with a little extra character, a lot more enjoyable to play.

I have the Draupnir and I have one titanium, the YYF ricochet. Out of the two I play the ricochet a bit more. With bimetals I always have the fear of screwing up the rims. I’ll still throw it around but not as uninhibited as the titanium.

For me I’m just a bigger fan of monometal yoyos and titanium has a nice feel to it. It’s not essential to a yoyo enthusiast but since you’re looking to splurge that’s what I’d get.

Do you have any other bimetal yoyos? If so maybe that’s another reason to try something new and go with ti.

I have and have had plenty of bimetals: steel, space cadet, knight, nobunaga, hertz, 2016 superstar… I think that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that’s a good reason to lean towards TI! :slight_smile:

So the finish on a titanium is very good for finger spins? :frowning: anyone else feel that’s true?

If you’ve had multiple bimetals then I’d probably go for a nice titanium like a Luftverk.

I wouldn’t say the finish is bad, it’s just that titaniums are either raw or polished, neither of which lend well to fingerspins unless it only comes into contact with your nail(in the case of polished). It’s like how raw or polished aluminum don’t fingerspin well.

Bi-metals IMO are made for pure performance and playability, often the durability of the yoyo is sacrificed as a result. While the Draupnir may be more durable than many other cheaper bimetals due to their level of precision in making it press fit, but it is still much less durable than a mono-metal due to the multiple parts, and can’t even be compared to titaniums in durability.

I don’t own any of the newer titanium yoyos that have recently flooded the market. Judging by how they look though they look to be average at fingerspins. I’d consider my Draupnir to be about average on fingerspins as well.

So what I’m hearing is titanium :wink: sounds good! :wink:

Get a Ti. Super unique. Sound cool, and the raw finish is so cool looking, looks almost industrial IMO. Idk if my Ti is my “best” throw, but it’s my go to for a month now (which is long for me). I have the iyoyo tirrox. Bimetal is cool for sure, but Ti is not like anything else in your collection. I vote Ti!!

This is grade 5 titanium, bead blasted and raw …
The raw titanium has excellent ability to finger-grinds … at least for my ti-walker and my sovereign is so.

Draupnir or titanium? The Draupnir is a great yoyo but not worth the money it costs (list price). Titanium, depends on which… if his property have been better used for weight distribution, then you, otherwise they are only a waste of money.

I say draupnir all the way. It lives up to its status and is extremely powerful for only 63.5 grams. I’ve played with 4 titaniums now and I personally say that there is not a significant increase in performance by titaniums, but the draupnir is really something special.

I personally think it is horrible at fingerspins.

As for durability, I’ve owned mine for a couple of months and it’s still mint so I cant tell you the answer. I can tell you that yyr quality is of the best out there and if you buy a draupnir you can expect it to be dead smooth.

YYR’s quality control is definitely top of the line but they’re not the most durable things in the world.

The quality control of the YYR I would say that it is not really their strong point. Post my experience over the years I have purchased (clearly all yoyo new and shop)

  • Red Sleipnir first edition with slight vibration, shell with signs of bad workmanship due to worn tool and two minor scratches of anodizing.
  • Clash 2010 Green with half faded shell (it looked like a fade edition)
  • Z-on blue with numerous flat-spot of anodizing.
  • Laser and Dreadnougt with bruising caused by the axis to excessive tightening of the shells.
    They are all minor things but that other manufacturers, for yoyo much less expensive, would sell as a b-grade.

I’ve had a couple titanium yoyo’s (TiWalker, TiShutter, Sov…) and my favorite by far is the TiWalker!
That being said… My Draupnir plays amazing!! Draupnir’s quality is awesome!! I like the play a lot better than any of the titanium yoyo’s I’ve played… its light, stable and plenty of spin time!!
But I DO worry about it’s durability compared to titanium that feels very durable… but I have yet to test any durability on these yoyo’s and don’t plan on it :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote would be a Draupnir as a player… titanium for durability :wink:

I think that the 2sick rook (Ti) would be good for fingerspins (off axis), since it has a similar cup design to the knight, which is apparently good for fingerspins. Im not sure about the finish though. I’ll be able to say more in a few days when my rook finally arrives.

Let us know how you like it! :slight_smile:

Well, I njust got it yesterday, and I have to say, it’s the best yoyo I’ve ever thrown! It is rather good for fingerspins as well, though since its more suited for off-center fingerspins, they are shorter than normal.