YYR Diffusion

Anybody know when or if the yoyorecreation diffusion is gonna be available at the yoyexpert store?
its already avaliable on another yoyo store and i cant wait to get my hands on one or more of these. Any info would be greatly appreciated ;D ;D

Mod edit:
Please refrain from referencing other on line stores.

I am also curious. Not something to ship from JP by itself.

They look great. If it is from YYR - it HAS to be good.

I’m debating getting 2, one for myself and one for theroybit, plus some mod parts. That makes the shipping more reasonable. But if YYE can carry those and the Duncan Mod Spacers and the titanium Duncan 35mm axles… just sayin’!

(or another domestic reseller)

They do look sweet, I’m a huge YYR fan, so a plastic from them is awesome. Unfortunately, we have no idea when they will be availible in the U.S.
Yoyos like the Blink and Acrophobia were released quite a while ago in Japan and have not (to my knowledge at least) appeared in US stores. Sad :frowning:

I’ve been curious about that too.

It looks like a great plastic. I’ve never tried a YYR but I think this would be a great one to start on.