Anyone throw YoYoRec?


I was just curious what everyones thoughts are on YoYoRec. Im kind of a Japan fanboy (language, anime, cars, hobbies, food, etc) and I feel obligated to own a Japanese yoyo. I absolutely love the way all raw YoYoRecs look (Triplet, Mr.Butcher, Z-On, Overdrive, Blink, etc). Does anyone own one of these throws, and if so, how do you like it?


All I have is a Diffusion, and I really like it. Amazing plastic.


Have a Stargazer. Best yoyo i have ever tried. Period. Smooth as heck, great spin time, plays amazingly fast but can handle mid-speed play. Just a lovely yoyo all around. And you can find a few YYR on the BST, such as this awesome guy who sold me my Stargazer for way cheaper than retail:,30047.0.html