Thoughts on Mike Montys Mori

Hey guys, since there seems to be no review yet, I was wondering, if any of you can provide me with some feedback on Mike Montys new throw, the Mori…?

Or, if any of you should happen to know a review, I’d appreciate, if you‘d provide me a link…!

May the spin be with you!


I have the mori and think its an amazing throw. If you get an a grade its DEAD smooth like 10/10, Super stable. Has a little weight to it in the hand but plays really light actually. I wouldnt say its super floaty or anything and not the fastest yoyo but can definitely be pushed. This is just a really fun yoyo and can handle anything you throw at it. I love the way binds feel on this yoyo


Thanks dude, much appreciated…!
Looking forward to receiving mine :upside_down_face:

I got to throw one at a meet recently, Mori is a gud yoyo. Great follow up to the Memento, which I do have and enjoy!

Concerning grades: All B grades Mike has left as of now are all just lacking cosmetics and are smooth with no vibe at all…
Had a chat with him concerning his ‚leftovers‘ - same with the B Mementos he has left…

Just saying :slight_smile:

For 35$ each - might be quite a steal :v:

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