YYJ Karma


This is a yo-yo review of the Karma by YYJ. Please, give your opinion on this, and what I should add and what I should delete, for future reference. The first time I used this yoyo I was at WYYC, yesterday. At first I was like, :o and then I was like ;D. It was the best throw I had used in a while. So I asked the man running the booth how much it costs and he said 105 bucks. So I got the B-grade, for only 50 dollars. The gap on this thing is huge, yet is a super small yoyo. Before I could never land an Eli hop, but know I land them on every try. But the difference between the A-grade and B-grade was practicly nothing. This throw is amazing. It can tackle any lengthy sized combo you throw at it, and it still comes back up with a bruising smack. I would say it is a little comparable to the 888 in size, but the Karma has a larger gap. In speed, it, depends on the throw. Also, a little tip, dont throw just to bind it back up. It hurts. No, not just a measly little pain, it’s like being punched in the face. It also weighs quite a lot, but thats just my opinion. So 50$ for an amazing yoyo that you cant get online, as far as I know. This yoyo is definetly worth however much you buy it for. YYJ Karma = 10/10 rating.


i got it to ;D i even did a yoyo handshake with zammy using the karma


Cool! isnt it such a great throw?



Please give open thoughts on my review!!


yeah its so awesome and your review is amazing





PLEASE POST YOUR THOUGHTS ON MY REVIEW!!!one11!!!11=eleven!!!onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnine!!!


I think some technical specs, and how it plays (fast, light, floaty, heavy, etc.) would be a good addition to the review. also how it compares to other yoyos. Like how does it play compared to a phenom?
I was going to get one, but I was out of cash from buying other throws. lol

I think highspeed yoyos has a great format for reviews, so if you want some other tips, you could check out some of theirs


Got it! Review, prepare to be changed!!!


here’s a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFVrMFBOK2I


sorry the video was bad i just woke up im not that good in the mornings




Where did you get the Karma though?
And where/how do you get b grade yoyos?
Please Reply!!!


well i got it at the worlds and its already over so i think you have to wait until its released


I got the Karma at Worlds, which I said.

And they were also selling b grades there.

If they come out on YYE, which I hope they do, they might sell b-grades.


Since you have been bumping i’ll reply even though I’m new to the forums. I would suggest more technical specs and some reasoning for your judgement calls.

Why exactly is it amazing. Compare it to other YoYos that others would know and elaborate further on why you say so.

How much is a lot? Use a scale and give accurate measurements. Also, try to refrain from using your opinion too much. People expect a certain amount of subjectiveness in a review, but keep is as OBJective as possible.

Reiterate in your conclusion where you bought the throw from, what you paid for it, and where others who are interested can purchase it. “however much you buy it for” is a pretty bold statement also. Maybe give a ballpark figure of what you would be comfortable spending on it yourself. I am sure that most would not want to pay $500USD for such a wheel.

Anyway, not trying to pick apart your review, just giving what you asked for. Thanks for posting!


More pictures… Lots of pictures… Reviews should always have pictures, from every angle and distance imaginable :slight_smile:


this is the real video of me playing the last one was a test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh_DCclgvbk


Just an observation, but I overlayed the pictures of the YYJ X-Con over the Karma, The Karma appears to be a aluminum version of the X-Con !

The size and weight are certainly further proof that the Karma was at a minimum inspired from the X-Con.

The great news for me personally is that I really like the X-Con, however the Karma is lighter, and I’m not sure that I’m going to be happy with that light of a throw.

Just sayin…


awsome review!!! i really want one but there very expensive and awsome tips
i also saw them at nationals too ;D


Good review. But id recommend cutting all the fluff i like my reviews to the point. Tell us what it does well what it doesnt do well and if you think its worth the price. Like i said good review. maybe a little more to the point would be good