Anyone try YJYoyo stuff?

Hello! Korean here. I know that it’s probably weird for a Korean to ask others about well, a Korean product that is probably rather difficult to get a hold of outside Korea. However I know that there are lots of you yoyoers out there and I figured some of you ought to have tried some of the YJYoyo stuff.

So YJYoyo is a small privately owned/run company by Jongki Yoon who is pretty much the Korean 2A champ. Their team also have top tier Korean 1A players like Woo Chan Park who have placed pretty high on the Asia Pacific yoyo contests.

So basically, YJYoyo is the “flagship Korean enthusiast yoyo company”. Of course it’s probably not the absolute biggest yoyo company in Korea with Shinwoo being a thing (Shinwoo is pretty much the Korean Duncan), but from my knowledge YJYoyo is, as of now, the Korean company bringing new ideas and high end yoyos to the table that caters to the modern yoyoing crowd the most.

They have been hyping up a few yoyos recently. I just wanted to add some exposure here since they look pretty damn neat and are coming out with some fresh ideas. I also recommend visiting their Korean store page since they have a lot of pictures that you otherwise won’t find anywhere else. Just ignore the Korean text and scroll down to see the pictures.

Yoyostore Rewind also has their lineup of yoyos for sale. If you’re international, I recommend you checking out photos through the Korean store but purchase it through Rewind.

One is the Time Slip, which looks to me like one of those monometals looking to push the boundaries and try to play like a bimetal like the YYF MVP lineup did.

The Korean YJYoyo store very frequently restocks these but as of now I think the only other international vendor that sells these is Rewind and as of now they are out of stock. I gotta say, the yoyo looks just amazing.

They also have been hyping up their high end model, the Zephyros which looks interesting as it has a SS outer rim, a POM inner rim (not quite “inner” as it’s right up next to the SS rim, like the OG edge rim placement) which essentially makes it a trimaterial hybrid.

They have also toyed with some weird ideas, making a superwide, bimetal inside with POM outer ring trimaterial yoyo called The Future.

They have 2 double ring bimetals each called the Vegamonte and the Aries:

Lastly, they have some organics, one more powerful one called the King Sword V and another, more beginner oriented entry level unresponsive called the Holly 5:

They also have quite a few midrange yoyos, as well as complete newb responsives, as well as looping yoyos. Their range of products pretty much cater for absolutely anyone in the yoyo hobby. I’d like to hear any opinion or discussion regarding their products. Seeing that some of their yoyos are out of stock, I can only assume that some of you folks must have tried their yoyos. It would be interesting to see some discussion about another enthusiast yoyo company that hasn’t been discussed much in these forums.

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Thank you for sharing! But I think we are not supposed to post any direct link of other online stores

oh damn, sorry about that. I just shared them since I figured people might be interested in seeing some photos. I’ll remove the links.

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Yjyoyo has been on my radar and I’ve been tempted but I was waiting for some sort of review before buying them as well.

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I’m really curious about their trimaterial hybrid yoyos and dual rim yoyos. Namely the Zephyros and the Aries. The aries seems like a dual ring organic, so it caught my eye as bimetal organics are somewhat rare.

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