Singapore Yoyoing Experience

WOW! I jut got back from a nice yoyo shop in Singapore (not sure if I can mention it), and I was blown away! They had every yoyo imaginable, even hard to find things which included Buddah Kings, and most importantly, YOYORECREATIONS! I was sure to buy every yoyo on display, but what impressed me the most was the new yoyo, the Celestial from Diamond Noir, a new company with the 5a patent. They had two versions of the yoyo, a lighter and a heavier version. The light version was too light, possibly being lighter than a phenomizm, albeit being larger. The heavy is where it’s at. AMAZING, especially for 5a. I got a raw one pre-production, and it was $127 Singapore dollars, meaning it will likely be cheaper in the US (epic win)!

I feel for you Singaporean throwers though. Everything here is sooo expensive! I saw that Mutant DNA’s at the particular establishment I visited were $200 Singapore dollars, which after it is changed to USD is still more expensive (I believe).

Just thought I’d share an experience. :slight_smile:

lol, how much did you spend there(Or should I say, here)?

It’s fine that you don’t mention it, we know what you’re talking about :]
Maaan, that’s amazing! SG$127 is $99 USD. Still expensive, but I’m sure it’s a bit cheaper because it’s local :]

ALOT! They had soooo many rare yoyos! Yoyorecreations out the wazoo! Finally got myself a Messiah and a Buddah King! I also picked up a YYJ Chaser that I have a question about: The caps on mine differ from the ones in the YYE shop pictures. The ones on mine are an Arial-like font saying “Chaser” with a lightning bolt. Does that have to do with Micky leaving?

Actually, on the YYE shop, the bottom two pictures also show the Chaser with the lightning bolt. Maybe it’s just different designs released with different colors.