Singapore Yoyoing Experience


WOW! I jut got back from a nice yoyo shop in Singapore (not sure if I can mention it), and I was blown away! They had every yoyo imaginable, even hard to find things which included Buddah Kings, and most importantly, YOYORECREATIONS! I was sure to buy every yoyo on display, but what impressed me the most was the new yoyo, the Celestial from Diamond Noir, a new company with the 5a patent. They had two versions of the yoyo, a lighter and a heavier version. The light version was too light, possibly being lighter than a phenomizm, albeit being larger. The heavy is where it’s at. AMAZING, especially for 5a. I got a raw one pre-production, and it was $127 Singapore dollars, meaning it will likely be cheaper in the US (epic win)!

I feel for you Singaporean throwers though. Everything here is sooo expensive! I saw that Mutant DNA’s at the particular establishment I visited were $200 Singapore dollars, which after it is changed to USD is still more expensive (I believe).

Just thought I’d share an experience. :slight_smile:

(Cinimod105) #2

lol, how much did you spend there(Or should I say, here)?


It’s fine that you don’t mention it, we know what you’re talking about :]
Maaan, that’s amazing! SG$127 is $99 USD. Still expensive, but I’m sure it’s a bit cheaper because it’s local :]


ALOT! They had soooo many rare yoyos! Yoyorecreations out the wazoo! Finally got myself a Messiah and a Buddah King! I also picked up a YYJ Chaser that I have a question about: The caps on mine differ from the ones in the YYE shop pictures. The ones on mine are an Arial-like font saying “Chaser” with a lightning bolt. Does that have to do with Micky leaving?

(Cinimod105) #5

Actually, on the YYE shop, the bottom two pictures also show the Chaser with the lightning bolt. Maybe it’s just different designs released with different colors.