smart U Phenix--God of Death

New here and new to yoyos. Been lurking and learning for a couple months and finally decided to make a first post. Wasn’t sure if I should ask in the review section, however, I’m not reviewing (yet) so I figured I’d ask here.

I purchased a yoyo called “smartU Phenix-God of Death edition.” I’ve scoured the internet including this site and cannot find one review. It’s made in China in the same region as Magic yoyo, and I believe is meant to be on par with the Magic line.

I recieved it today, along with a Magic n12, and love it so far. I’m wondering if anybody else has thrown it yet or has seen a review. If so, would you mind posting a link?

So far, my favorite is the Shutter. I started with a YoyoKing Merlin and also own a DM2, which i love too. The Magic n12 and smartU Phenix God of Death seem really light, at least that’s my perception, but both throw great and spin forever.


i like how knockoff companies always hate the rim weight of the original

Of which yoyo is it a knock off? I agree that it is lighter than my Shutter and DM2, but it sure is speedy! I also forgot to mention that it came with a gold, 10 ball, concave bearing. I decided to try it for the price, as I literally found nothing about it on the web and really enjoy my Magic yos (I also have an n8). I figured, why not? Again, I’m really enjoying it so far!

I also plan on getting another throw, perhaps a CLYW or another YYF, when i get some more funds. I enjoy my small variety of yoyos and throw every one of them. They all have their own feel. They definitely keep my ADD in check while my wife watches “girlie” shows in the evenings after work!