Shinwoo Yoyos ?

Hello all.

Well i’ve been surfing the internet about 2 days ago and i passed be a yoyo maker which is called “shinwoo”, and to be honest i never heard about the brand, so i wanted to know, i thought may be some one from the respected members of the forum came across this yoyo maker.

Are Shinwoo’s yoyos any good (compared to their price) ? so please if you could tell me any thing about this yoyo maker, it would be highly appreciated.

well where i live we don’t have alot of yoyo-ers, i mean when peaple see me wondering around and playing with my DM their faces simply go like ??? what is that ! or whats he doing :-\ . and there are no stored which sell any proper yoyos, so i have to order them.

Bahrain is a beautiful place, I spent a little bit of time there. :smiley: Anyhow, as for the Shinwoo yoyo’s, I like them and I would say they are worth their price, I had a Hi-Power Zen for a little while until it met with unfortunate circumstances… Anyhow, if you are on a budget and you like “different” throws. I dont think you can go wrong with a Shinwoo. :smiley:

Thank you for your replay :D, and am really glad that you liked Bahrain.
I think ill get one and see how it goes, cause its within my budget and i want to change a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

My freind had a Shinwoo Phantom. This is possibly the best beginner yoyo ever made for the price.
It as so many things.
-A chrome edition!
-Ball bearing
-Not sure , but it may have shinwoo’s reversable pad system
-Not snaggy

The only bad thing is that it has an impeccable little wobble on the string. I have seen MOST of the vibe tuned out, but I have never seen all the wobble tuned out.

So when it comes to Shinwoo yoyos they are made to be a great beginner yoyo compared to its price.
thanks alot for your reply :smiley:

Yes, the Shinwoo Phantom is a good beginner yoyo. BUT The High power Zen 1,2,3… god I don’t know how many there are, haha, are intermediate-advanced yoyos.