Yyj vexed

I am a pretty experienced yoer and i was wondering if the vexed is worth it. Right now i have an axiom, dm2, and sfx. Is the vexed worth it?

I’ve got a vexed and an sfx, so maybe I can give you a decent comparison. The first thing you’d notice about the vexed is it spins forever, you get spin time out of it like you would a metal. I do think the sfx has a better overall balance/feel on the string, but this is a minor quibble overall. I found removing the vexxed’s pogs and giving some time for the silicone pads to wear in has done wonders for my opinion of the vexed.

The vexxed is now my carry around plastic, though I still enjoy the feel of the sfx on the string. I’m kind of surprised that more people aren’t talking about the vexxed. I hope some other owners put up their opinion, I’m curious what others think about it. So far, I think I’m the only one who responds to theses vexed questions.