YYJ Vexed?

Any one try it? to me it resembles a protostar only with center weight rings instead of the weight rings being in the IGR.

I have one. I wish I could compare it to some other popular plastics for you, but I’ve only got a spinfaktor x as a comparison plastic.

One thing about the vexed that really stands out to me is the spin time. It sleeps really long on an average throw for a plastic. It’s also very stable. The kind of stable where the yoyo will stay tilted at an angle, until you purposefully straighten it.

The weight is a weird thing. It looked like it would feel light based on specs, but it is really solid feeling. Not really heavy, but you can always feel those concentrated brass weight rings.

Vs the spinfaktor x: the vexed sleeps longer, is more stable, kind of feels heavier. The spinfaktor x has a more balanced feel though. If it goes tilted, it will almost even itself out. The vexed stays tilted and resists tilting back.

I’m feeling like I still prefer my spinfaktor x as my goto plastic, but I think I still need to give the vexed more playtime.