Looking for opinions on the best plastic to buy- (spintime-wise.)

I would love to hear some opinions on which plastic (Delrin,etc.) yoyo you think is the best one out there for “spintimes”! That is an opinion I would not even mind paying for, because I am in the dark completely. I want to get a plastic for my collection, but because I have spintimes on the brain, so to speak, I would really like to get the best design that is on the market- (spintime-wise.) Thanks! Please get back to me guys and gals- I would be grateful for your opinion!!

I’ve heard the new Severe(Delrin) is one of them best plastics out there right now


C-note has the best spin times.

Spintimes are almost entirely up to the user, but spin /quality/ can differ among various models.

The C3 delrins are nice. Haven’t tried an Alpha Crash yet, but that might be cool.

Unless you’re talking yoyos that are designed specifically for sleep time, I think the bearing is far more important than the yoyo. I’d say just get any of the delrins that appeal to you and then buy a Terrapin ceramic bearing for it.

that’s not entirely the case. Something heavier will have better spin time than something light. like I could put a ceramic bearing into a whip, then put it in a code 1, and they would have completely
different sleep times.
I personally don’t really see much difference in bearing play. Ceramic terrapin wing shaped, or plain cheapo steel yye bearing, they all play pretty similarly.

Very few people will have played all the plastics that match up against one another in this category. I will say that I own these:

Lyn Fury, Chaser, Trigger, Classic, PGM

And I have also used an Adegle PSG off and on for a week or so (a work colleague has one that I use pretty much every day a few times).

But on my list, both the Trigger and Chaser are capable of quite long spins. The Chaser probably edges the Trigger out by a wee margin. The Classic is perfectly fine. The Lyn Fury, PGM, and PSG are not long spinners.

Well, first, the major difference between a Whip and a Code 1 is that the Code 1 has clearly been further optimized for spin time through its use of materials and design…which is the exception I made. These yoyos aren’t even comparable because the difference is so large. Second, I don’t think it’s as simple as comparing weights, even among comparable yoyos.

My point was that comparable, modern full size delrins are going to have spin times that are close enough it’s hardly worth being concerned about. You might be talking 7 minutes vs. 8 minutes on the same bearing. No practical or even interesting advantage is likely to come up.

The bearing though, I can make a yoyo almost completely responsive with a 30 second spin time just by putting a slow bearing in it. Similarly, I can up the exact same yoyo to 10 minutes if I’d like, just by changing the bearing. So, short of buying a yoyo built for sleep time, you’d do better to focus on the bearing than the yoyo.

Sorry to jump you like this, but “best” doesn’t exist in the yoyo world. Personal preference is the name of the game and frankly, nothing else matters.

GregP is correct in saying that the Chaser will likely out-spin the Trigger if thrown by the same thrower with the same amount of force. Why not start there and work on your throwing technique to get the lengthy spin times you’re looking for?

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well of course a heavily lubed bearing won’t give you as long of a spin as a clean one. I would say that’s as incomparable as my code 1 - whip comparison. Take any two clean bearings, and the spin time difference when placed in the same yoyo won’t be much different.
The yoyo matters moreso than the bearing. There’s more too it than just weight alone, such as weight placement, shape, etc. but more weight typically will lend itself to longer spin time. It’s just physics. That’s why the current sleep record was done using a 220g yoyo.

But yeah, spin times of any average plastics won’t be far off from one another. I agree with you there.

So, it looks like we’ve gone through all this to conclude that…

I agree. That’s why I wrote it initially.

I was just using the 220g yoyo as an example to show that heavier with more rim weight generally results in longer sleep times.
The same would apply to something lighter. Like a 70g yoyo with more weight near the outside has potential to sleep longer than something 60g.