Wanted a Cheap Plastic


Well i heard that these plastics are good and decided to try one out (i mean 15 dollars not much so) and was wondering which one was your favorite and why

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Kickside would be the best choice.


I was gonna say that!

(laxdude99) #4

The kickside is great but I think that the new Legacy is yyj’s best plastic right now


The original poster wanted to keep it around $15. YYJ still makes some good plastics in that range.

I won’t waste time arguing if the new Legacy II would be a better choice. It likely would be.


I like the legacy but for $15.00 price range there are others. yyj speed maker looked like it plays well


Ya it is great I still have nmine it was the first yoyo I ever ordered.

(Cinimod105) #8

If you want a large-sized yoyo, get the Kickside. If you would like something smaller, get the Lyn Fury.


I heard somebody made the Lyn Fury bearings spin for 6min. which sounds completely ridiculous to me but it is up to you weather to believe it or not.


I think a lot of claims of excessive spin times is a lot of dingo’s kidneys, but the bottom line is a well broken in bearing in the hands of a skilled thower can in fact produce decent numbers. Some yoyos are designed for maximum spin, such as the Buddha King,which seems to only serve one purpose: win the longest spin contest.

I improved my sleeper from 20 seconds to over 3 minutes now, but a dead hang doesn’t serve any usable purpose. Someone a while back was worrying about sleep time, and it’s been determined that it doesn’t really make a big difference as long as you’ve got enough spin to do what you want to do and then bring it back. Someone threw out a guess that chances are champs are going around 10 seconds between returns. I did some non-scientific observations and found that in general, that number isn’t terribly inaccurate. I’d bump it to 12 seconds, but a random educated guess wasn’t far off.

So, sure, I guess 6 minutes is possible. But how fun is it to just let a yoyo spin and hang for 6 minutes. THROW THAT BAD BOY AROUND!! Me personally, I have better things to do than to run a stopwatch and throw a yoyo. I’d rather learn new tricks and improve my skills.


I know that trying for best spin is boring but if it can sleep for 6min. then you will be able to do better tricks then a yoyo that can sleep less than one.


My riposte: Ed Haponik.

Check and Mate.