Excellent plastic throw?

Hey all! I recently picked up dark magic 2 ghost edition to spin with the shinwoo light kit in. I was quite disappointed. I find the spin times to be really low, everything else works well, just not the spin time.

Are there any other clear or mostly clear plastic yoyos that are good? Thanks!

Clear rally is one of the best plastics I have ever played with. Another awesome, clear plastic is the clear speedaholic.

Here are their product pages!

I didn’t care for the DM2 with the Shinwoo lighting kit. That’s a matter of feel and preferences, nothing more.

As far as the bearing: Clean the bearing and you’ll get a serious performance improvement. The slim bearing doesn’t spin very long and comes with some thick lube in it. The YYJ Speed bearing comes very lightly thin lubed. If you play the yoyos more, the lube will break down/break in and spin times will increase.

If you’re near me, I’ll clean and at your request, lube or dry play treat your bearing and get you going again with the larger bearing. I have no issue cleaning your slim bearing either if that’s what you need.

There’s loads of excellent plastics. You want clear? Well, that narrows it down a bit. Even so:
Speedaholic, all colors are transparent. One is definitely “Clear” for sure.
Adegle PSG Gem are somewhat transparent.
YYJ has plenty of their metal/plastic yoyos in clears, so read product descriptions.
Rally clear I think just has the overall coolest look.

if you are worried about spin times i would just clean the bearing or get a new one. if you are going to clean it use something like mineral spirits(paint thinner) to clean it and the dry it ( I usually spin it on the end of a pencil eraser to get it dry). if you don’t dry it it may corrode the plastic. also, you may just want to get a new bearing not a new throw

great bearing (i have one in 2 of my throws and it is very smooth and has a great spin time)

It’s not the bearing. I think the DM2 has too high a string section and it hits the string a lot during tricks and slows down. Maybe it’s also not rim weighted enough. I already changed out the bearing for a better one.

Any other recommendations?

To diagnose the problem it is important to know,

-how long have you been throwing
-what tricks are you doing that are slowing it down
-what sleep times are you currently getting
-favorite color

Last one is a joke.

The yoyo is mostly rim weight. It’s most likely your throw

Is the light kit in the yoyo? That could cause problems.

No it’s not most of the time.

I think I’ll get a rally :slight_smile:

Unless you glue the light kit in position, you’ll want to wedge something in between the kit and the rim so it’s not moving around. This will reduce vibe.

At the same time, for me, I just felt with the lighting kit, I personally didn’t enjoy how the yoyo played. I strongly suggest that people buy this inexpensive lighting kit and try it and see for themselves if they like it or not in their yoyo of choice.

                                                                                                                     Try a  bearing with it and if you don't have one try any other bearing that works on your dark magic.I like the surge and once I got it to sleep for a extremely long time it is cheap but the shutter is another good option. :)