Anyone got a Vexed yet?

They seem pretty cool. Also it’s worth mentioning that the word “vex” basically means annoying. So, annoyed? Hmmmm…

Annoyed? Every day of my life!

Doesn’t look like a model I’m currently interested. Looks like they are going after the Protostar/Northstar type shape that started to show itself with the Chaser, but introducing the mid-weight ring concept seen in stuff like the XCon Pro and Phenomizm but pushing it a little closer to the rim and more pronounced H-type shape. It’s a tiny bit smaller than my preferred size and also a little bit lighter as well. But don’t let that say anything. I prefer top of the full sized range at 67 grams or better. But, I have stuff all over the place.

In general, I’m a YoYoJam fan. I like their stuff and have a fair amount of it. This is one that I’d say if you’re not sure, wait for the reviews. In the meantime, I have plenty of YYJ metal/plastics to keep me busy.

Man you seem like you’ve got a busy lifestlye!

Not in March. Yelling kids prevented me from generating work flow. Video editing went by the wayside as a result. Also, this part time job crap I have also ensures “no work flow allowed” as well. Since I ain’t getting paid for the part time stuff, I’ve told them they can cram it: no money means no giving a crap.

This new shape seems to be the new trend for YYJ. They have a couple of others coming out with similar shapes.

I got one, I like it. One thing right off the bat, it feels solid on the string if not borderline hefty. I need to check the weight because I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somewhere around 68-69g. Either the expert is wrong or weight distribution really makes a big difference on how heavy/light a throw feels. The vexed feels noticeably heavier on the string than my sfx. Not castrate your finger heavy, but the heft is noticeable to me.

What I immediately noticed about this throw is stability and spin time. You can really feel those bronze weight rings and they give this throw a real powerful feeling spin. I wish I had other popular plastics to compare it to but the sfx is my only other current plastic. To me, the sfx is really well balanced, it has the tendency to self correct tilt, but I kind of wish it had more weight for longer spin times. The vexed leans toward being heavily rim weighted, it had the tendency to stay tilted if you knock it off axis, but it spins for days.

I’m throwing the vexed alot right now, I’m really enjoying the long lasting spins that I can get long combos out of.

I bought a small digital scale to weigh yoyos and other small items(postage is an issue since I mail a lot of media). I notice a lot of things aren’t consistent. Dimensions seem spot on, but weights, not so much.

I’ll make sure I start taking this scale to meets!