YYJ Vexed or YYJ Dark Magic

What yoyo should I get? YYJ Vexed or YYJ Dark Magic?

Plz reply ;D


i prefer the vexed myself. your mileage may vary, of course.

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I like the shape and how it looks though. kinda like the protostar but it looks much bigger! ???

Well they both look like fantastic yoyos. It all comes down to what size, shape, weight, and look preferences you have. If you like the way the vexed looks, go for it! And the Protostar is actually bigger than the vexed. The Dark Magic 2 is also a nice throw. It’s gonna be heavier than the vexed, so if you want more of a hefty feel, go with the Dark Magic 2.
If you are still in a toss up between the two or don’t have any preferences, choose the one that looks cooler.

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I think I’ll i save money for the vexed.
Do anyone know where it is cheapest(including shipping to Norway)?
Shipping to Norway from yoyoexpert is 35 dollar!!! :o

I have no idea. Best bet would be to look it up online.

These are both very different.

I got the Vexed as part of a payment for an event I did. It wasn’t something I would have picked out for myself. I’m glad I received this as payment. It’s really good and far more forgiving than the DM2, which is also excellent in its own way. I’ve been playing my Vexed a lot lately.

Not to knock YYE, but if we’re balking on things because of shipping to Europe, I know there have to be retailers in Europe who can save you money. Or contact YYE direct via email and see what they can do to help you out on shipping. Please realize their options may be limited. Shipping is kid of an area that’s hard to get around sometimes.

On BillyBobs it is only 8 dollars ;D
I’ve ordered a lot from BillyBobs and they are very good.(I’ve ordered a zeekio yoyo glove and it was shipped in 15 minutes :o)

Please refrain from suggesting other yoyo stores. skitrz

Might wanna check on eBay. Sometimes free worldwide shipping is offered (although I’m not sure cause I have never ordered from eBay).