YYJ Trigger vs. YYF Protostar

Hey guys, I wanna know your views on comparing these two amazing plastic throws and which one is more capable of competition play. You are encouraged to express PERSONAL opinions and comment on which one YOU prefer.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, so personally, I think that the trigger is a better yoyo, especially when given a center trac bearing. It is a little more stable, and grinds LOADS BETTER. Don’t get me wrong, the protostar is the defining high end plastic, and one of my favorite throws,but the trigger has a better shape IMO. Finally, should you dink the yoyo with your hands/ face during a freestyle, the trigger’s celcon body will be less affected by it, so you will not be as in trouble during a freestyle.

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I’ve tried the protostar and love it, but have no experience with the Trigger. Can the Trigger do IRGs?

The protostar for me. The trigger is very heavy to me. The finish on the trigger is very interesting.

ProtoStar, but both are very capable yoyos.



trigger if you want to grind and kinda do thumb grinds, but the protostar is stable and can take a beating, just dont over tighten it or you will get vibe, and trigger has weight rings that pop out if you hit it hard enough you can super glue them but it may cause vibe if its not done right.

Can you please use quotation? I can’t make out half of what you were trying to say.

Protostar is a more “solid” player than the Trigger, but the Trigger is smoother.

The trigger is way too heavy for me. The protostar is one that I’ll always love.

Apparently the trigger comes with a 10 Ball bearing. Is this true? How does the YYJ 10 ball bearing perform vs One Drop 10 ball bearing? Thanks.

I really love the trigger. It just feels so right in my hand. O have never tried a Protostar but I have heard amazing things about it. The trigger doesn’t really feel all to heavy to me at all and it is really stable.

onedrop feels better out of box but after a cleaning both are about the same