PSG vs Trigger


As I was placing an order for strings and a 10ball bearing to quiet down my Protostar, I thought I may as well order a new yoyo. Its been a while since Ive gotten a new one.

I was wanting something that would be a different experience than my Protostar, something a little slower and floaty. I was thinking that the PSG fit the bill nicely judging from the reviews that it has gotten. Then there’s all the glowing talk about the YYJ Trigger. Looking at the specs, it looks nice, but might be pretty similar to the protostar. What do you think? I realize that the majority of people are going to recommend the Trigger over the PSG, but my question, again it: which one would be the most different than my Protostar (in a good way)?


Trigger. Words can’t describe that thing. Similar to protostar, but amazing.


Trigger. Just nicer. However, I’d rather have a 3a pair of PSGs than one Trigger.


Well, I think that the trigger, the psg and the proto are all similar, but the trigger is my favorite.

(Waylon) #5

I’ve been throwing both today. The psg is floatier while the trigger feels more dense. The trigger is extraordinarily stable and the surface is smooth. However, I think for more if a “new” experience, the psg is a good choice. Plus, it’s always fun to spend $13 on a yoyo and have it play like a champ.


I prefer the Trigger, yet it feels more like a Northstar than anything else. I think the PSG is a great yoyo, just upgrade the bearing in it. Heck, go all out and buy a KK or a Trifecta and still spend less than the trigger too


The Protostar is a noisy yoyo, as is the Northstar. The Trigger really isn’t any better in regards to noise. They are just noisy yoyos. Of those three,I really like the Trigger the best. Even with quieter bearings, these three are just noisy.

The PSG is nice. The new GEM series is heavier and I like how those play much better. Stupid cheap too.

Trigger is the winner. Most adaptable, plays 1A,3A,5A, grinds good, great weight.


Thanks for the replies! I might just have to get both, goldurnit! That purple GEM series PSG is just too cool looking!

As far as the trigger goes, I’m liking the black color. Its pretty metal (not like the material, rather the music…) for sure! Those of you who have one, is the black color nice in person?


Get all of them. And every color. Nuff’ said.


The yellow and blue ones are nice in person. I haven’t personally had a conversation with a black trigger, but I suspect it to be just as personable.

On a serious note, I am finding the bright color of the yellow to really help me with landing tricks. It just stands out against anything.


Every time someone puts “PSG” I visualize the PGM (and I’m not even dyslexic) and read all the positive comments going “Really? Are we talking about the same yoyo?” until finally I clue in and think, “Oh, we’re not. It all makes sense now.”

Sorry, just a random interjection.


I ADORE my trigger (I am finding that every time I write about my trigger, my words of emotion towards it get stronger). It plays superbly (there I go again). I’ve never tried a PSG, but I’ve heard great things about it as well. I would go with the trigger though. It my be more expensive, but t is totally worth it.


Well, I decided to pull the “trigger” (heheh punny right!) on both the trigger and the psg, and a bearing, and some string. They both just seem too cool. The Trigger seems to be a pretty legit performance throw, and the PSG just looks like cheap plasic fun! Getting knee surgery this week though so I hope I can put in some throwing time when they arrive! If only I were good at yoyoing now…

(Waylon) #14

You’ve made an excellent decision :slight_smile:


Excellent decision: why decide when one can get both!

I often find myself doing that.