Whip and Psg vs popstar

I just got $25 towards yoyoexpert for winning a contest. I figured that i would get some beat around yoyos. I have enough to get a psg and a whip or a popstar (shipping not included). I can do plenty of tricks and can do tricks from every difficulty section on yoyoexpert, so i am no longer in the learning stage. Which one would you say and even feel free to recommend another combination

I personally really like the popstar and the psg. Both are really good throws. you’ll hear a lot of hate on the popstars but it’s preference. If you like undersized throws I would say go for the popstar, it’s one of my favorite throws and it fits in your pocket. the psg is also a super good value for how well it plays

The PSG is wonderful for the price. There would be money left over to get a bearing or some strings too!

Have not played a Whip. Thinking of getting one some day just 'coz. :wink:

I don’t actively dislike many yoyos, but PSG makes that list. It’s wobbly, uncomfortable, and just isn’t that much fun. For PSG money, there are better (in my opinion) options like the YYJ Classic.

When you’re talking about the Popstar, you’re talking about a whole different kind of yoyo. It isn’t stable, isn’t easy to land tricks… but was never meant to be! It’s really small, even smaller than you think it is… this makes it extremely portable! It will also help “train” you in terms of precision and cleanliness. But unless you already have easy confidence in your skills, it’s going to require your concentration to throw. :wink:

Again, I don’t know the Whip, but between the Popstar and PSG, I’d say the Popstar hands-down. Not because of performance (wobbly as it is, PSG is still a full-sized yoyo) but because it’s unique and fun.

ah greg …you are just a psg hater ;). out of the three that you mentioned, I like the psg alot, never had issues with wobble, mine was smooth. the popstar is a close second. popstars are really fun, it is like throwing a mini brick tied to a string… in a strange good way.
but if it were me I would pick up an alpha crash, or 2 yyj classics. the classic is sweet.

Quoted for truth! :wink:

The alpha crash is my favorite yoyo in that price range. Smooth enough, fast and stable, it plays like double the price. Get it over any other yoyo of the price range.
I have tried the others, and like the psg the best, but the pop star is also really great.

I own a whip and popstar and have played the PSG

I hate the PSG, too loud, and big, and not super smooth

I love the whip, it’s very light so be warned… It comes with a center track and costs less that a center track

I love the popstar… Smooth and portable once u replace the bearing…which is hard… Cause the bearing gets stuck

You should get a PSG and some string instead of a PSG and Whip, as I think you would like the PSG much better than the Whip anyways

I have never heard anything bad about the Alpha Crash, where as the Whip and PSG get a fair share of hate. I would go with the Alpha Crash if I were you.

Onestar is an option. Very fun and suprisingly has a nice performance to it.plays beyond the 15 dollar price tag you’ll love it.

I think a classic with some sili and a full c bearing. that’s what I would get maybe you will have enough for a pack of string

I agree.

I have the Whip, and those are fun but too light.

I have the PSG and PSG Gem. I like the PSG Gem better. Unusual shape, but way flexible, good for 1A and 5A, not bad for 3A.

PopStar. Well, let’s just say this is one of the few yoyos I really don’t like. However, preferences. This doesn’t fit my preferences.

Classic, YYJ Speed bearing and your choice of siliconing it yourself or buy pre-made YYJ response pads, then some string. I just really like the YYJ Classic.

Note, I’m not a YYF hater. I have plenty of YYF’s I enjoy.

I have a psg Asteroid and a whip,

Whip: Light but fantastic spins longer than my PSG (Undersized)

PSG: Cool shape a good solid throw closer to full weight

Asteroid: Great throw for $13, it is heavy enough to get some good spins a little big

Whip and Asteroid would be a great choice!

For a few more dollars there is the Yoyojam Trigger for $27

Trigger: 67 grams, metal weight rings made of celcon(Molded Delrin) and the material is good for grinding, light on the string and fun to play with, blows everything you were considering out of the water.

The Popstar is great if you’re looking for a novelty throw. Definitely not a competition throw or something that you’d use to learn tricks on but it is quite a bit of silly fun. Pleasantly surprised with the Whip when I picked up a few of the Ann Connolly editions just for the CT bearings. They are quite light and lack spinning power but are a bit more stable than you’d think. Played a PSG few times at some meets and I’m just not all that fond of it. The shape is just too odd and it felt really tilt happy to me.

In that price range, I would recommend what a few others have already recommended: either a C3 Alpha Crash or a YYJ Classic (and the spare bearing and pads needed to turn it into a proper unresponsive throw). I’ve also heard some very good things about the YYF OneStar but haven’t played on personally.


U forgot token!! Haha a great throw if u ask me, but with a crappy axle

(Token-crappy axle)+(lowes+money+new better axel)=best mini/undersized yoyo ever

It’s not that simple, I’m afraid. The axle itself isn’t crappy… it’s the same material as most other axles. It’s just very very short. Combined with what SEEMS to be a softer aluminum (if it’s just 6061, I’d be curious to know!) you have a recipe for stripping threads unless you are VERY careful.

I actually went through the exercise of trying to make an axle that was as long as possible within the threads. It ended up being about 1mm longer in total; 0.5mm on either side. There was no point.

Use the axle it comes with, but beware that it is just designed to be too danged short, and exercise care when you need to take it apart. That’s all.

Luckily it’s so easy to access the axle with the Token’s existing shape that you don’t have to take it apart as often (knots are easily picked).