POPstar or Protostar PLZ HELP

I am getting a yoyo and i dont know what to choose their both good yoyos but what to choose PLZ HELP!!!

two way differant yoyos

popstar = pocket sized metal , protostar shape, spec bearing, $25

protostar = full sized plastic, metal weight rings, center trac $35

i have a POPstar. I’d go with the Protostar

Woah, two different yoyo’s. Just that POPstar is extremely undersized and is metal and the Protostar is a full sized plastic. POPstar also has a SPEC bearing and the Protostar has a CT bearing.

I really like CT bearings and just that the Protostar is just spining so well, I’d like to say Protostar.

if ur just starting out with getting some advanced yoyos i say protostar than the popstaar is pocket sized for a reason its hard to land it on the string… so for u i say a protostar cuz its big wide catch zone, and ct bearing

This is an easy question to answer. If you want a good performance yoyo that will be with you all the way to expert and master level tricks (grinding excluded hehe), get the protostar. In no way can the popstar even equal the protostar in terms of overall performance. They share the same shape but it’s a whole different animal when you try it with a mini like the popstar. Good luck-

Protostar for a fullsized yoyo.
Popstar for a undersized yoyo.
I choose the protostar over the popstar.


That being said, if you’re already proficient at those hardcore tricks the POPstar will make you that much better simply because you have to be that much more accurate at slacks/strings tricks/etc… My Seasick always had issues. I practiced forever on my POPstar and after perfecting it on the tiny throw it’s now flawless on a full-size.

for stability protostar
my popstar cant handle much… but a fun pocket throw

It boils down to this.

Protostar=Awesome throw capable of anything you throw at it. ANYTHING. Great yoyo for beginners learning to bind and pros/advanced looking for a great plastic.

POPstar=Fun yoyo that is a blast to play on. Perfect for people who a) want to challenge there already existing yoyo abilities/Hone their skills and b)for people who hate how that full sized throw bulges out of their pants. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you already have a full sized throw, Get a POPstar

Actually, none those yoyos are go od for beginners. My protostar came very unresponsive right out the box and it made binding a pain to lear. The popstar is undersized so it is just harder to use in general. I don’t suggest either for a beginner

True, but we are just giving our opinions out of ONLY those 2.

But out of other yoyo’s, I agree, I wouldn’t POPstar. But Protostar is O.K. as long as the K-Pads are not worn down. I can bind by doing a trapeze, then drop it. Cause string will grip the response system pretty well.

get the protostar i saw bouth the popstar is not good its very in balanced and its to light
i think you shoud go on the protostar its wey better

Protostar is a plastic built to play like a metal. And IMO it does

POPstar is an undersized metal yoyo at a cheap price but is more of a fun yoyo then a main player.

What are you looking for.

Edit: I learned to bind on a POPstar and a lot of other tricks.