Popstar or the yuuksta

I just wanted to know your opinion on this. Cause Im gonna buy a new undersized and i just can`t decide. Thanks (Tho the popstar is a ton cheaper)

And Ill put a ceramic bearing on which one Ill buy. So which works well or better with a really good bearing?

okay so the popstar is a lot smaller than the yuuksta. like, the popstar is pocket sized. it also doesnt really spin that long but its good enough for most tricks.
i own a yuuksta and its probably my favorite throw. smooth, good at grinds, and definatly undersized. but the price is quite a bit higher. both yoyos will work fine with your bearing.

one thing about the popstar is even though its smaller than the yuuksta, its slightly heavier, so if you have a personal preference on the weight of a yoyo take that into account.

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I’ve played/owned both and I found the Yuuksta to be much more stable for me. My Yuuksta seemed to really get excited and grab the string when binding but that could have been a personal issue for me alone. I like to popstar (enough to buy 2) but I tended to reach for the Yuuksta more.

Well, I’ve tried both. I got a yuuksta from a trade and it has some vibe, I’m not sure if every yuuksta has vibe. But it still plays great.

The popstar is a whole different world than the yuuksta. The popstar is actually incredibly smooth on the string. But as said before, it is more than undersized. It is a mini yoyo. It could do every trick I threw at it and still had plenty of spin time left. Because it is mini it is harder to play with, but it will help you land tricks more consistently with a larger yoyo.

Hope this helped.

Both are actually very nice throws, the yuuksta was my first metal and the pop star is my son’s main throw

I’d pick them with center trac bearings, in which case they’re both very good throws, the pop star spins just as much as any other throw and is surprisingly stable.

get both if you can but neither of them will disappoint