Do you think that this throw will be good enough for use as a main throw? (ps, im using a speedmaker now and at ‘and whut’ ) :slight_smile: THANKS!

POPstar is an extremely undersized yoyo, but just not tiny. Yes, this metal yoyo can handle much harder tricks than master level, as you can see that in the demo. But if you are a proggresing yoyo player, I don’t recommend this because as it can be harder to land strings, it’ll be harder to learn. But on the other side, it can get through string gaps like Ladder Escape easily.

BTW, I’ve heard rumors of the yoyo tilting of its size.

I put a center trac in my popstar and that fixed the titling I think the popstar is a really fun throw

I think you shouldn’t buy the popstar because it is really small and likes to tilt. I think you can go for recrev carbon or duncan raptor(if you like fullsized) or DV888 (if you like undersized)

oh, ok. so i should just buy it as a ‘fun’ throw? :slight_smile:

Because of it’s price, you can buy it just for fun. But if you are trying to find your main yoyo, POPstar shouldn’t be your main throw.

my 9yo son uses a popstar (with C trac) as a main throw, it’s really good and stable for it’s size, much easier to play than a one drop dingo

Yeah, if you change the bearing it should be much easier to play with.

I play mine with a 10 ball bearing and I use it more than my 54 (which now feels like a giant)

oh ok, thanks a lot guys :smiley: