is the popstar a yoyo worth getting? Spin time?

absolutely, it’s small and portable. I like the weight, it’s the same weight as a full size but it feels super solid because it’s condensed. It’s a little harder to do tricks, but it makes you better. Spin time is as long as you should need. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3188/5815815177_b1b16e6727.jpg
PoPstar by davetefft, on Flickr

I thought I’d throw my input here as I’m a popstar thrower. I’d recommend, especially for being a nice pocket sized metal for a pocket sized price. It is technically harder to land tricks though because of the small size but when you get good at landing on this, the larger throws should be a breeze to land tricks on. This thing also feels like a tank because of the thick walls. Did I mention that it fits in the pocket nicely?

What is your skill? If you’re progressing, I don’t recommend it. But you’ll get used to it and develop a new skill. It may be harder to land, but it can get through many tricks easier like chopsticks or going through a certain point like the start of Ladder Escape.

The popstar is an awesome throw. Its not too stable, but its a little fun yoyo worth getting if you have a little extra cash. And it spins for a long time, enough to do a ton of tricks.