Popstar or duncan metal drifter

I know you guys dont like when people ask these kinda ?'s but im lost which one is small, longer spin time, smoother. I want a high quality yoyo and want to spend 20 to 30 dollars.Thanks

starlight is better than both of those

POPstar is the way to go, better spin time, ano, and overall play, and it is extremly undersized.

ok so strarlight or popstar.

But watch out, the POPstar is very undersized, it may be harder to land tricks. But it’s fine as it trains your skill and really it doesn’t matter much, fun to play.

Starlight is glow in the dark, kind of light, pretty floaty,far from small(if you want an undersized throw go with the POPstar. The POPstar is very undersized meaning it will be harder to land tricks,but will make you better at landing tricks in the longrun. The POPstar is also very solid and because it is made of aluminum it grinds way better then the starlight.

Starlite is really floaty. Dont get it. GET THE POPSTAR. that thing outplays the starlite and metal drifter.