Popstar or Starlight

They are both in the same price range and I was wondering which one I should get.

I just ordered a popstar i watched alot of reviews and they said its awesome i wpuld get the popstar

Popstar is an under-sized yoyo. Very undersized. But some people say you;ll get used to it, and you will with muscle memory, but it’s gonna be a tad harder to land strings.

popstar is a super tiny metal yoyo. If you’re ever used a micro mo, it’s the same size.
Starlite is an oversized plastic yoyo. I don’t think you could have chosen two more different yoyos…

From my experience with a popstar, I’d say it’s a fun little throw, but it’s more of a novelty than a performance throw. It’s not the most stable, nor does it sleep for the longest. It’s pretty good for grinds though.
The starlite on the other hand I loved. It plays like a protostar or a northstar, just lighter. Which is a good thing. It’s grinds are abysmal though, it being plastic and all.

I thought the starlight was undersized? Anyway, I love my POPstar, it makes you a much better player, having to be precise and all. It’s kinda hard to find one, but if you do, don’t hesitate. They rock my sox.