Anyone want to get rid of a popstar?

Im looking for a popstar in good condition…anybody looking to get rid of theirs?

I have one and in my opinion the starlite is way more worth it. The popstar is almost too small to have fun and doesn’t play as well as you’d think. My friends and I all agree that we’d much rather throw a starlite and seeing as how its the same price if not cheaper, I’d say get that. That’s of course if you can find a seller. By the way the starlite is kind of light and is lighter than a protostar but comes with a center trac. I can do all my tricks on it including famous ones such as soiled panties by yuuki spencer.

the whole reason i want one is bc i enjoy smaller throws for learnin tricks on and it helps me work on landing the string better. U want to get rid of yours??

i have one, you can pm me for information

i disagree with the TheOrangeYoYo. i think this is one of the best yoyos ever made. but if you don’t like minis anyway i can see how one can come to this conclusion. mini wheels are unforgiving so you have to be on top of your game to really enjoy throwing them.

I’ve also got an extra one that’s NIB. PM me if the above doesn’t work out!