I was just wondering how the yyf popstar plays like, I know its small and all but how long is the sleep and how well does it play.


Many may not see it as a main throw but it actually plays really good, really smooth. It’s not the most stable thing ever made and it is quite small but in the end, it forces you to be more precise with your moves. I can say that before I had the hardest time landing the simple Trapeze. After throwing the Popstar for a while, I got better at it, and when it came time to a bigger throw, it was a breeze to land it.

I’d recommend getting one, fits in the pocket nicely for easy portability. It’s definitely my ‘go-to’ throw when I’m out and about.


For the size it plays really heavy and not very fast. You have to take your time with this one. It thumb grinds amazingly and could have easily sold of double the price. You won’t be dissapointed.


It’s fun, but tilty. I had to slow down a bit to pull of more complicated tricks. I enjoyed playing with it for a while, but eventually traded it away.