Yyf popstar soon

Hey guys my new yyf popstar should be in by tomorrow or worst comes to worst, wednesday. Im really looking forward to it, so keep ur heads up for a review coming soon. I CANT WAIT THE ANXIETY IS EATING ME ALIVE!!!

Hope you like it. C=

I am getting one also, in a trade but still I am getting a popstar. I am looking forward to the experience. Make sure you take time to test the yoyo throughly and not just do a review after having it for 5 days.

I have one. It is heavy. But in a good way. Sleeps longer than it should :). Plays medium fast for me. Nice with hamstring.

You will play with it for a little while then go back to your other larger yo-yos. Trust me. It’s not stable at all.

i got one in purple, its wicked fun. i like it to practice my tricks, it makes me want to get a rockstar because of i love the shape and want to try it in a bigger size. if anyone has a rockstar and a popstar, could you do a comparison and tell me how they feel(i mean obviously theyres guna be the size difference or feel, but which do you like better. or a pop star compaired to a dingo

I love my popstar, It’s tons of fun. But, I would never use it in a contest environment.