Trigger V.S Protostar V.S Northstar


I have always loved my North/Protostars, and just recently got a trigger, and like it very much. which do you like better?


(SR) #2

I love my Protostar and Trigger. But the the Protostar I like a little better. They’re certainly different.

(UmeNagisa) #3

I rather enjoy my northstar!

i have had 3 and 2 protostars and 2 triggers(one for 4A XD)


Depends on my mood as I have all three. But, I like the feel of the material of the Trigger the best. The yellow trigger is so bright it seems to be easier for me to land tricks on. I also do find myself reaching for the Trigger a bit more. It seems to be a better fit for me.

Three good yoyos, all at amazingly low prices. Three winners for sure.


I have all three. You really can’t lose with these three.
I prefer the Protostar, but the Trigger comes in at a close second. I like the Northstar, but it’s not my favorite. One of mine broke so I emailed YYF and they sent me two. I use one for 5A. XD


I have a protostar and a trigger and like the protostar Alot more then the trigger. The trigger shape is nice but there’s something about it that makes me like the protostar more.

(laxdude99) #7

i have all three and maybe its just mine but my trigger has a pretty good vibe any one else have this issue?


I have a Northstar and a Trigger, and honestly they are pretty interchangeable to me. Both are high quality and easy to throw. My Northstar feels a little faster to me, but the Trigger is more comfortable in my hand. Don’t have a Protostar yet, but I plan on adding one as soon the 2nd wave of the Champions Collection comes out here in a few weeks. I’m a sucker for plastics what can I say.


Nothing wrong with plastics! I may have loads of metals, but I’ll always buy more plastics as well.