YYF Northstar vs YYJ Trigger


How do these two throws compare? They have a very similar shape and I’m wondering what major differences in feel there may or may not be. Thanks in advance!


Personally, i LOVE my Northstar. It, is GREAT right out of the box. One of my main throws, yet I also have a g5, code 2, and an 888.11


Depends what you like. The Trigger has thinner rims(as in not as thick in material at the edge) and has the weight in a slightly different location. The Trigger feels like it likes to move faster. The Trigger is a bit more hourglass shaped(only slightly), which may give in an edge in 5A play. In some regards, the Trigger doesn’t feel as solid as the Northstar.

Both are good players. I have both, and a Protostar. It would be best if you can try them out first. I’m bringing my Trigger to the YoLex meet I am going to tomorrow. We’ll see what others think of it.

What do I like better? My Trigger is the bright yellow, so very high contrast and easy to see. My Northstar is blue, so not so “stands out”. I’m kind of into a “brighter colors” mode right now. I still do prefer blue. I am already having a blue trigger reserved for me.