YYJ Trigger vs. MYY N12 Shark

As the title would suggest, I’d like some input as to which I should get. After playing with my Surge I dig the Solid Spin Axle system and the overall feel of the yoyo, but I want something a bit lighter and more angular. I liked the shape of the ONEstar but it’s far too light and vibey. The Shark seems pretty solid and I’ve heard good things, and first hand accounts of both would be greatly appreciated.

I didn’t add the Protostar into the choices because I’ve used quite a few of the (beginner level) YYF yoyos and always end up disappointed (FAST 201, ONE, ONEstar, New Velocity). I also hear some annoyances with the spacers and tightening the yoyo, and I know I have a helluva time trying to tighten my ONEstar properly.

Despite your past lack of satisfaction with YYF, the Protostar is not at the same level as those other YYF’s you mentioned. However, the Protostars will have some vibe, it’s a plastic with spacers, it really can’t be avoided. The vibe will most likely be very small and will not affect play. I still recommend the Protostar.

Between the Trigger and the N12, it’s up to you. We’re talking metal vs. plastic. I have both, I enjoy both.

Excellent grindable surface treatment, great for 1A and 5A, moves at any speed you want it. It scores low on the durability factor because the thin rims are prone to cracking if dropped on edge, especially in 5A, which is a major killer of this model. It is also excessively loud. The Trigger is on the heavier side of things being at 68 grams. It’s not really heavy when you take into consideration the size of the yoyo.

The N12 is surprisingly smooth for such a low cost item. Solid performer, really well made, feels good in play too. This is probably the best MYY to date and I feel they may have a hard time topping this. I do like the T5 more, but that’s because I like that kind of shape more. The N12 isn’t that much lighter, coming in at 67.58 grams.

Out of the package, the Trigger is playable. The N12 is usually playable out of the package. There’s been issues with Magic YoYo regarding their response pads being bad or falling out, and issues with their bearings. Response pad issues are usually easily fixed with off the shelf response pads. I believe(but I could be wrong) that YYJ Silicone pads and YYF’s CBC 19mm slim pads will also work, as well as flowable silicone. Bearing issues tend to be more of a nuisance than a real issue. Cleaning the bearing out seems to be the fix most of the time. A few bad bearings have been reported. Changing bearings is usually no big deal.

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I have both yoyo and here’s my take.

The Trigger sees a lot more playtime than my N12. In fact I wore down the response pad and recently replaced it with followable. It’s simply more fun for me. Granted, N12 performs much better than the trigger as a yoyo. N12 is more stable and spins much longer. And really, really smooth. However, the N12 is kind of dull.

So if you want a performer, get the N12. Otherwise get the trigger for fun.

By the way, the New Velocity is not bad. I thought the same as you do but after I developed a stronger throw and revisited it, it became a really solid player and very fun to throw with.

Get a dv888 or an myy, but I wouldn’t start with the shark, I prefer the OverLord to it

I have 5 MYYs and a Trigger, and the shark is my favorite of that group. I like the stable play and long spin times. I find it easier to execute the few advanced level tricks I can do with the shark.

I actually prefer the classic to the trigger as well. I guess the trigger just sin’t my cup of tea. Both the Trigger and Legacy II fell flat for me.