YYJ Trigger mod (aesthetics only)

So, I have this YoyoJam Trigger that I love and hate at the same time. I love the looks of it and the way it plays. Hybrid yoyos are my weakness and this one plays awesome and I love it for it. The problem is the axle and bearing seat being absolute crap. Once the metal inserts gave it and weren’t able to hold tension while screwing the yoyo together, the yoyo was pretty much done for. It could not be take apart anymore. No superglue, epoxy or other methods could fix it (I tried everything), so I decided to just chuck it on my pile of dead yoyos and at least salvage the bearing using forceful methods to take the yoyo apart.

A year later I was going through the pile and saw it again. Decided to put it together to see if anything could be done with it. And even if the axle hub is still stripped, the yoyo could still be put together and played. I have no idea what changed ,but even while the yoyo was stripped, at least the halves were not getting stuck anymore. I rediscovered a long lost love for this barely functioning yoyo and decided to give it a facelift.

The pink delrin body is a delight to look at. Decided to paint the metal ring inserts with white matte nail enamel, and some salmon pink caps made from a fairly thick watercolor cardstock.

here’s the final product, which I’m really happy with.

It’s not perfect, but the small imperfections are invisible while the yoyo is spinning, so it’s a win situation for me.

I wish this yoyo was constructed to be more durable, since it’s a hell of a player. I will try to use this carefully and sparingly from now on, since I doubt it could withstand the abuse of being used daily.


That’s awesome! I love seeing modded yoyos, especially when both functionality and aesthetics are improved.

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