new yoyojams first impressions

Hey guys,
I just wanted to know what do you think about the new YYJ yoyos. And for those who got the chance to try them what are your thoughts about them.

I want to try the alliance so bad

I’m pretty excited for the Trigger and Quest. I was actually hoping yoyojam would be working on more diamond pattern delrin/metal hybrids. This is what they do that no one else is really doing, I’m not too excited for more over priced metals.

Everyone- GO BUY THE TRIGGER. If you have event the first thought of wanting to buy one, do it and thank yourself later. It’s that good. It’s incredible. It’s choice.

I’m really enjoying the Inspire. They all look really cool. The Alliance and the Quest look really cool. The titanium rimmed yoyos look amazing but I don’t know if I will be able to afford them.

I love the new diamond pattern they’re doing.

just a side note: the yyj next level is SOO good

tried an alliance. The shape is so weird and I would have to get used to it. It handled most tricks with ease. It’s big. seemed a tiny bit snaggy on some tricks but that can be adjusted and it may have just been the trick