$100 worth of YoYoJam product;

I need help, you guys! So recently I won YYJ’s Facebook contest during Worlds weekend, and I am receiving $100 worth of YoYoJam product.
But I’m really indecisive and I don’t know what to get.

What YYJ yoyos do you guys recommend? Depending on what I choose, I can squeeze in 2 or 3 yoyos [and a 2A pair of Unleashed]. I would like to get the bang for my buck and I must choose wisely. Help me out!

I’m mainly a 1A player, but I’m also getting myself into 2A. I don’t know if I should get a Go Big since 4A isn’t really my main focus but I kinda want a 4A throw. scratch that, I’m not gonna get a 4A yoyo…just yet
But anyway, just so there’s no confusion - 1A and 2A

Help me choose the right decisions and receive as much great performance yoyos as much as possible that can squeeze in the $100 budget.

Thanks :]

Ive been using the big yo for offstring for like maybe a month. If your looking to start its worth it. It was pretty cheap and it plays nice

Go big, speeder2, new breed, hitman Pro, phenomizm, inspire( heard it’s amazing but never played it), xcon pro, SFX.

Those are all nice. I particularly like the SFX, speeder 2, and new breed the best for 1a

I’m definitely getting a pair of Unleashed, that’s for sure.

And I’m torn between their most recent yoyos - Inspire, Xcon Pro, Vexed, SFX, and the Speeder 2

I decided to opt out on grabbing a 4A yoyo because that’s not really my focus at all. I’d rather get another pair of loopers and one 1A yoyo :]
But yeah, that should do it.

2 Unleashed, a Vexed and a Pinnacle if you want 5A.

Chris, have you tried the Inspire yet? I have a friend who’s tried it at Worlds and he liked it a lot. I like that kind of shape on yoyos, so it narrowed down and now I’m torn between the Vexed and Inspire.

I might wait this out until I go to the DXL battle this Saturday and then I’ll decide on what to get. That’ll be my goal this weekend: find the most suitable one for me. Now I wonder which ones out of the bunch I’ll like.

Reviews and images can only go so far…I wanna try it out in person O:

The trigger is also a good Yoyo. Very good yoyo indeed…

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Here’s my thoughts on the Inspire, which is actually tied to thoughts on quite a few new yoyos from YYJ:

The Chaser set a new level of high performance in a very affordable price break. So much so that I feel this should be making YYF quake a little in their boots because it’s basically YYJ’s answer to the Protostar/Northstar, giving the advantage of speed but with weight and at a lower price. This is a yoyo I own and a yoyo I enjoy. Why did I get this? I typically like the Mickey signature throws and this was no exception.

Then along comes the Vexed. This isn’t one I bought but was received as part of a payment for services. This wasn’t one I was interested in, nor would have bought for myself, but here it is in a nice YYJ plastic box and it might as well get played. Similar to the Chaser, it’s also different. I didn’t like it at first, but being determined to give it a fair shot, the more I played it, the more I liked it. Now that I have played it, I’d say yes, I would have spent the money on it.

The Next Level and Inspire also seem to use this general shape. The themes here seem to be materials as well as weight placement, as well as this new “Diamond Cut” pattern YYJ is using, which seems pretty nifty.

I am planning a Next Level. I know I’ll like it. The Inspire? I’m sure I’ll like that too, but I might wait until Nationals and see if YYJ is doing a booth and sales. I’m not saying I wouldn’t pay full price for it, it’s just not on my “wants list” right now as I have a higher priced throw on my radar.

In general, I’m super pleased with YYJ products Yes, I have had some issues, but it’s also issues other people have had too. I think the Inspire is probably a great yoyo. For me, it’s low on my wants list, but the odds are good I’ll get one, perhaps before the end of the year.

As for the Trigger, I don’t know if I can request for it… but I can afford that myself so I’ll opt out and I’d rather get something that I might not be able to afford normally :]

Thanks for sharing your story, Chris.

It really sucks to be an indescisive person myself; I can’t make my mind up because there are sooo many choices.
Now I’m even considering not getting a 2A pair [since I already have 2 pairs of Shaqler Loop900s] and just grab 2 1A yoyos. but I don’t know…

Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until DXL and decide 100% after trying it :]
I have the patience and time :smiley:

Okay, nevermind. I’m going to choose the Inspire and a pair of Unleashed.
But my problem now is that what color of Unleashed I should get. I know it’s all about preference but which colors stand out the most?
Torn between red, pink, and green. O:

Does it have to match?

Get 'em both!

I totally agree. In fact, I think they should NOT match. I have one in red, blue, white and light blue. Originally, I was gonna do this red/white/blue theme, but that never panned out because I am just too lazy. Now I’m thinking of doing this again but I think I need another white, or at least more white caps. Red with white caps, blue with white caps, a white with 1 blue and 1 red cap. Maybe I’ll see if YYJ will sell me the pogs… Do a red/white, blue/white, red/blue. That would look hot.

If I was you Id probably spend an extra 40 bucks or so to get a gold phenom, then sell that for like 100 on the forums and work from there, most people wont trade very well for yyj and im not the biggest fan of them soooo yah

Dude, I would…but I won $100 worth of YYJ product, so my limit is $100. Nothing more. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Takeshi Matsuura’s new signature yoyo, Quest, but I heard that one cost $120.

And I couldn’t care less about its trade/resell value. Every single yoyo I have is for me to keep because each yoyo has its history to it.

Shadowz and Studio42, I ended up requesting for an Edge Glow Pink Glitter color for the pair of Unleashed. I liked the look of the Fireball Spingear Edition [I know…sorry but I need to do it for referrence] and how it has glitter effects in it :]
Since I’m only starting on 2A, I’m not too much concerned about swapping halves and stuff. I just want to be able to learn.

Though I do want to swap the pogs around! That’d be awesome. I’m quite lucky that I chose the one with paper caps so I can always customize it :]

You know, all I really care about in the end is that you’re happy with what you end up with.

I also don’t care about trade value unless I’m selling stuff. Each throw I get is unique and as a result, special in some way and contributes in a positive manner to my collection.

I can’t really do 2A. I’m trying to get down 1 handed looping on my dominant hand. I haven’t even tried left handed play yet. But, I have the throws for it. Last year, around this time, I think I made a large-ish purchase which ensured I’d have everything I needed for any style. I got my Unleahed pair, some 4A throws and some stuff to ensure I could do 3A. While my goals haven’t needed to be met yet, the collection still grows. The mindset was “have the stuff readily available so when the urge hits me, I can act on it immediately”.

Buying, throwing, playing, enjoying. That’s what it is about for me.

Enjoy the Unleashed!

The inspire is amazing. I love it, and it is my daily throw. Great quality.