My First Mod: "Bi-metallic" YYJ Journey (d42kn355 inspired)

Hey, everyone. I’m kind of new to the YoYoExpert forums (and yo-yoing in general). I just thought I’d share a mod I did for my YYJ Journey (I’ve got a few mid- to high-end yoyos, so I thought I could experiment with it).

First, I wanted to make it unresponsive, so I cleaned the bearing with mineral spirits. A local skill toy and board game store carried YYJ Silicone rings, so I cheated and bought those for $3. After doing these two things, the Journey was pretty unresponsive.

I was pretty content with this, but I wanted to make it heavier. Going off something user “d42kn355” did on here, I decided to add some metal washers to it. I removed the caps and got some washers from Home Depot. I glued them onto the yoyo with Loctite Super Glue gel (which is pretty strong, actually). Just a few minutes of waiting on each side, and it was done – a bi-metallic journey.

So, I got the weight I wanted. Unfortunately, it might’ve been too much. On the first throw, the slipknot on my finger tightened a bit. I don’t have a scale, but I’d say it’s maybe as heavy as 1.5-2 Dark Magics. Maybe. I’m not too great at estimating mass/weight. It does have vibe, but just a little bit more vibe than my Journey had before the mod anyway. I’m pretty happy with it, and I had fun. I could definitely get into doing minor mods like this. :slight_smile:

Looking ahead, I might have to sand down the metal washers somehow to kind of remove some of the weight. The washers kind of protrude beyond the outer edge of the rim by a millimeter (give or take), so some of that mass could be sanded off somehow. Also, I’ve gotta figure out a way to get rid of the leftover Loctite residue from around the washers.

2 dm2s? thats about 135 grams. i doubt thats right. well, thats an iteresting mod. i think the washers will fly off thought. even though its good super glue, it may still

If it’s 2 first run DMs, then around 142 grams. I would recommend removing those and just putting rubber weight rings under the caps.

Ah, now you’re making me want to mod my YYJ Journey :c

Actually, yeah, you guys are right. Two DM2s doesn’t sound right either (I’m awful at estimating weight). Let’s say it’s “noticably heavier” than a DM2

I dunno how well the washers will stay on. unless you used a metal to polycarbonate adhesive, I’d guess they’ll fly off eventually.

Yup, I would have to say that the First Real Ding or Hit on something hard would probably take one off or vibrate cracks to open up in the dried Glue so the next hit will knock one off. It’s something about gluing Metal (especially when heavy) to Plastic without a good Plastic/Metal epoxy/adhesive to hold it. The Super glue Stuff hardens like weak cheesy plastic like bond that will crack easy with a constant vibration and some types of Super Glue is a strong chemical and will eat some Plastic and make it look real beat up like yours (No Offense). Maybe thats why your having trouble getting excess glue off, it probably ate some of the plastic and then bonded. Your Best bet would have to been to buy the Big Rubber O Rings and put them in under caps like dynikus said, adds weight the same way and no Gluing or Mess.

Thanks for the input, guys!

I’m kinda hoping they maybe do fly off soon; I’d totally try those rubber o-rings then. Are those around the plumbing/pipes section of Home Depot?