Yyj theory

Is it worth the price? if so would you recommend it as a step up to a magic t8. Thanks:)

Have you looked here? My Theory about the YYJ Theory (A YYJ Theory Review)

On the other hand, it’s probably on par or better than any magic yoyo… :wink:

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T8 is amazing for the price. To be honest, your next bet is to get a 100+. The t8 blows the mid range throws out of water

I would recommend a Dv888 Raptor Metropolis Or echo for a step up from a T8 then got for anything in the 60-100 range.

The price does not give this yoyo justice. It is SUPER cheap for the performance it plays at. Dead smooth, super fast, great at horizontal, binds tightly w/o snagging, can finger spin like a boss(I can hold it on my finger for a good minute w/o a glove, with a glove I can hold it there for two and a half minutes, on a good throw) it is super capable of grinds, awesome color scheme, beat engravings, and to top it off, the most B.A. Name ever, suits the yoyo too. Get one NOW! When I saw the promo video, I thought “Aww, another expensive high end YYJ metal” but when I saw the price, I wanted to smack YYJ in the face with a pan, the yoyo is worth $125! I was outraged that I paid so little for one of the best YYJ on the market. This thing is AMAZING! I will buy as many Theory’s as I can get my hands on, I feel bad for someone who does not own a YYJ Theory. This yo-yo is super cheap for the awesomeness it brings. It’s like paying $99 for that one $250 Oxy yoyo.

I await the video of the epic finger spins. My bet, you cant do one that lasts longer than 30 seconds glove or not.
So lets see it, prove me wrong.

Looking forward to seeing a two and half minute finger spin as well.

I can’t get horizontal spin times that long, so with the added friction from the finger spin, I see it as possible but not probable.
iYoyo, I don’t see how you can compare it to Oxys when you refuse to throw anything but YYJ.

that’d be a pretty boring video, plus you have to see it and real life to believe it, for all you know I can slow it down so it looks like I did it for two minutes ;D

hold up, who said I was doing a video?

I’d watch it. You can tell if you are slowing it down unless you have the power to hold perfectly still. I just don’t think you can do it.

On the Theory, it was meh. It was just anno, no bb, making it bad at grinds even with the rings. I feel the caps don’t do much, many yoyos are capable of finger spins without fancy caps. It was’t as stable as it should be considering its weight.

I would spend five bucks more and get a Werrd Hour. I’ll PM you a link to the store that has them in stock if you want. I’ll have a review on it within a week.

Be kinda boring and awesome at the same time.

Hard to fake the video unless you got crazy awesome video editing skills, which is even less likely than your two and half minute finger spin. So I’ll believe a realistic looking video of the feat.