YYJ Theory any good?

Christmas is coming, and I really wanted a new yoyo. I came across the YYJ theory, is it any good?
Or should I get somethin’ else?

If like it then yes. If not, then no.

In theory.

Seriously, it’s all about preferences. It’s good. I like it. That doesn’t mean anyone else may feel the same way.

I think it is good :slight_smile:

It’s decent but there’s other metal throws I’d consider over it in that price range:
Octave (Amazing throw)
Silly Goose
Eighty-Six 400 (my personal favorite)
Dibase 2
Shutter (Great Deal for performance)
G Funk

To me it was kind of a “meh” throw, it’s good at everything, but great at nothing.

Its on the faster side.

I love mine, suits my style.

Has the lateral caps, which means, FUN!!!

Good grinder.

Very stable and good for horizontal.

Its just a tad light/floaty/fast.

But thats MY preference so I love it!


Lol studio, I theory what you did there!

But seriously,Like sparhawk said, there are other yoyo that can outperform it in about the same price range.
My suggestions:
Shutter ( just ordered one and can’t wait!)
Magic yoyo t5 and n12
Werrd time series (heard good stuff about it )
Also I suggest getting it before November 8/9th so you can take advantage of that sweet free shipping( on orders over $20).