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Okay so im fairly new to yoyoing i have a YYF whip and its not bad, im getting alot more creative and i have through the majority of expert tricks but its too light and very unbalanced and doesnt spin for very long so ive been looking at the YYJ Theory. Good bad? recomendatons? im in the 35-70$ price range.

Anything over $35 is usually good but I gotta say i love my Shinwoo Zen 4 they are $44.99

My go to recommendation for that price range is always the C3YoYo Capless.

That Shaqtus avatar is absolutely hilarious by the way.

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That should do it. There’s a lot to look at in the under $70 market, which includes full metals. Do you have any preferences? The Whip is great, but as you said, it’s too light, which limits spin times. It’s stable, but it slows down faster due to less weight and therefore seems unstable. It’s stable.

Got Tricks Bounty Hunter is oversized and under $50. C3 DiBase, Halo and Capless, can’t go wrong with those. I’d recommend RecRev Freq. Wave and/or Facade but they are out of stock here. Theory looks good, wouldn’t mind having one. Low-cost,the Protostar and Northstar is a toss-up as far as what kind of performance you want, as the shape is the same but the weights are different. I prefer the Northtar, but the Protostar gets a bit more recommendation and I think it may be the better choice.

YYJ offers lots of metal/plastics in that range as well. DM2, SFX, SR71, Revolution, Vexed. XCon Pro is small, but powerful. The Hitman Pro is kind of wide comparied to it’s diameter, but is also on the smaller side of things but with massive rims. Speeder 2 is a fast throw that I really enjoy, and I like it even better since I put a KK bearing in it. The DM2, just to touch on it for a second more, is a proven favorite, so you might want to think about that as well.

YYF also has the delrin Severe which you might want to consider. It’s not one I cared for, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. I think it’s well worth a very serious consideration and possible purchase.

I’d kind of like to steer you towards the Capless though. $65, plays amazing, it’s probably what you want and where you want to be for now.

There’s a lot in this range. Take your time.

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There are many good throws in that price range. But since you specifically mentioned the Theory, I’ll say that I am 100% confident it can take you as far as you want to go.

You may later find out you prefer different specifications or think another throw is a better buy or whatever, but I don’t think you would say owning a Theory held you back from learning any (1A) trick on this site. It’s a great yoyo.

yea ive been debating alot of different throws the past couple of days and the theory stuck out as one that would carry me pretty far since its so versatile. But after checking out that capless i think i might go with it. great price and looks fantastic. thanks for the recommendation. i found yoyoing to be my goto thing now i do it almost habitually XD. and is string lab X any good? ive been trying to get into whips and faster string play and iam NOT knowledgeable on string AT ALL.

I’d say buy some 5-10 count packs of various types of strings and see what works best for you.

I’ve been using Type X since it’s softer than YYE bulk. I’m heading to a humid location, so this is rather important so I don’t get all cut up and I hate wearing gloves. I also like Twisted Stringz Trixta string as well. Both are intended for slacks and whips.

I also think Toxic Strings Dragon string is also good for slacks and whips as well.

The best thing to do is buy some and see what does it for you.

Thanks defnitly a big help going to buy that capless and ill update how it is, and im probably going to go with some string lab X since all the toxic is always sold out :’( . actyually met a guy that was sponsored by toxic one time i was just doing a kwijibo and a new trick i thought of and i heard earlier this guy was good he walked up and i was like here and he just went insane on my poor little yyf whip, but he said that toxic was amazing and thanks again 8)

There’s a lot of great strings out there. That’s why it’s important to try different stuff to find out what’s right for you.

Poor little Whip? Other than it being light, it’s a great inexpensive yoyo. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners because it’s too light, but for someone wanting more challenge. Don’t get rid of your Whip. When you think “you’re all that” with your Capless, try busting out your long combos on your Whip and see how string your throw really is.

Studio, you can now go post on his other topic ;).

Nah, got better things to do.

I’m gonna be taking photos of yoyos in a bit and testing out the new Terrapin X 10-Ball Wing Cut bearing in my new YYJ H3X. Seems a better usage of time