Around $50... can do... stuff?

Sorry for the uninformative title, I can’t really explain what I want that well.
A little about me: Threw for about… 6 months last year, stopped because I had a lot of things to do, and was really disappointed because I ran streight into a wall with my tricks, stopped around advanced 2 in the learn section. I hate string, how it knots up. Any playing style without string I would love to try. My main was an asteroid, still have it. Possibly in working condition. Had a dm2, I really can’t say I liked it. Had a few others, too.

I am looking for a new beginning, a beginning that costs less than 100 and really, close to 50 if possible. I envy those with clyw, but I don’t have the money.

My preferences? Not small. Not small. Not big, but closer to big then to small. I’d sorta like to branch away from superangular, but nothing full h shape. By the way, any yoyo designers reading this, shApe would be a pretty cool name. With like, an ape and stuff. Yeah. See what I did there? Also, mid weight, I used to love bricks, but that was PTSD after trying a few 50 grammers. Spinning long, always good. Easy to catch on the string, good. No hubcaps. Please. And also, string recommendations please! Good price, snappy response please, not that… other bad stuff…

I’ve sure put you through a lot reading this, but thank you.
Thank you a lot.

I’m going to suggest a C3 Capless. $65, easily plays like a $100 yoyo, nice traditional butterfly shape, gorgeous ano work, full size. As far as strings go, I’m a big fan of Kitty Polyester of the normal thickness variety. Other popular strings are Kitty Fats and YoyoStringLand Type X.

Happy throwing!


I would say grab a capless and you should be good to go. It is a little out of you’re budget, but it is just as good as $100+ throws.

Good luck!

You beat me to it ? Lol


Been looking, top three in no order are the Severe, Capless, and maybe a yoyoofficer?

Any others?

This is where i shine the Studio42 Light on the wall

Just consider god tricks Yoyos!

I dare say the onedrop cafe racer. Only problem is that its preety unique and small, but its a very good player.

Finally, I didn’t have to say it first. :wink:

I’ll give another shoutout to God Tricks. The Cyclone might work for you, but if your looking for something more organic, then Eternal could work.

Just check em out! :smiley:

God Tricks Bounty Hunter. Over-sized, mega fun, easy to play and learn on, does everything.

Or a C3 Capless. Full sized. The DiBase is also great, it’s just a smaller yoyo, but still fantastic.

Want delrin? C3 Halo.

In 5a and 4a you have to deal with string, but tension is much less of a problem.