YYJ theory, C3yo Halo or Capless?????????

so iam now stuck between 3 throws the YYJ theory, the C3yo halo or the capless im leaning toward the halo

cant go wrong with any but I would recommend the Capless!

The Capless. I will always recommend it, amazing throw for the price.

Get the one that you think fits your preferences best.

Also, one question mark does the job of nine, and also looks much more professional.

arnt the capless and halo almost the same except ones derlin and has a koncave?

The Capless is a bit smaller and has a larger gap. Different bearings and materials. Haven’t played a Halo but the Capless is amazing.

The Capless is amazing. I recommend it. Here’s mine:

Everyone recommends the careless, it’s been around for a while.

But the New Theory is really good from what I hear, it has caps like stacks that you can hold while spinning.

It has a grooved surface for a awesome feel and great grinds.

It is as smooth as GLASS and Spin for a long time. It’s super stable.

I would say the theory, no offence to the Capless but the theory is a yoyo to help you learn tricks.

I don’t have a Theory yet. I’m going to wait a bit on that one, but it’s one I will be getting. Maybe I get it at BAC… who knows.

The C3 Halo and Capless are both amazing. It depends on if you want delrin or metal really. The Halo seems to be center-weight heavy in my impression of it. The Capless is a but more pushed to the rims. Both are comfortable V-type shapes. I honestly can’t say anything bad about either and I enjoy both a tremendous amount.

I think the Halo is cheaper than the Capless. As with all C3 yoyos, I’ve found their <$100 yoyos feel like they play in the $100 price range. This includes the smaller V-shaped DiBase that sells for around.

Don’t shop just by price. The Halo is less expensive though and will not let you down. The Capless was a model I had been thinking of, and then I got to play one and that sealed the deal and I literally ordered it 2 days later.

I can’t say anything about the Theory. I haven’t held or played one. I do generally speaking like YYJ and I don’t see me having any issues with this yoyo. All I can say for sure is that certain features of this yoyo will be under-utlized for me for a while. This isn’t a big deal. I can’t do those kind of crazy cap grinds the promotional video showed. That’s OK, because when I get one, those features will be there when I want them. I’m not a big player of hubstacks, but I have several yoyos that have those kind of features, so it’s there when I want to use it. A little background: I bought some 2A yoyos and 4A yoyos before I was ready for those styles because I wanted to make sure I had the equipment on hand so when I wanted to try those styles, I would already have the gear waiting on me, not me waiting on the gear. It’s always nice to have features you can’t use(yet) rather than not have features you need. You can always not take advantage of a feature.

Just wait 5 days and see if any of the YYF Pro Packs interest you first…

i agree this new pack that just came out is an absolute steal i said 70 was my max but id be dumb not to take it
Yay? or Nay? on this recent pack

I’d say spring for the Kentaro pack, then sell off the one you don’t like, if you end up not liking one of them. You’d probably guaranty $70 or more if you keep the one you don’t like flawless and with the box. Then you would end up with an amazing yoyo that costs you under $30!

Honestly, if I was in a different position, I’d be buying the Kentaro pack, keeping the Proton and BST’ing the Chaotic without even taking it out of the box. Realize I am talking about my preferences here. There’s nothing wrong with the Chaotic other than it wasn’t a good fit for me.

Id say nay. Wait for a better one. I just dont really thinm the Chaotic would be very good.

Theory. Nuff said.

One word theory