So I need help on a decision, I was originally going to buy a silver C3yoyodesign Trident, but things didn’t go as planned. So now I need help to determine whether to get (these will all be C3yoyodesign products) a Yeah 3, or a Halo or a Capless? Comparisons are appreciated to, or personal opinions.



I’d advise staying away from the Halo. It is so SLOW.

Haven’t played a Halo, but I hated the Yeah3.

Absolutely can’t go wrong with the Capless though.

I love my Yeah3. I have not had the chance to play any others though.

I found the Halo to be the bests out of all the delrins I have tried, plays heavy smooth and stable. The YEAH3 is a hardcore competition machine, it moves quick and plays strong but it has a terrible finish for grinding as do most C3 metals. Keep this in mind…

I agree with everyone who voted for the Capless.

I would wait and get one of the new awesome colorways they just released as well.