YYF Superstar or OD Cascade or C3 Capless or Super G


I’m kind of Crushed in picking my next throw.

It was originally just only Capless or Super G but due to some opinions I had more choices.

I’m a bit new to the yoyo world, just started may/june 2012.

I’m wanting a new throw currently and this 4 are probably on the top.

I’m also considering a used SPYY Punchline Repeater which I can buy for about the same price as a brand new Capless, just that the Punchline is cheaper by about $7. Its condition is tiny vibe, no wobble, couple of pinpricks, almost cant see them. I’m mainly not considering this since its not brand new…

I’ve only been able to try the superG, superstar and the capless.

I can’t take a pick between the 3 as I think they are good. The cascade is there since the shop here will be able to produce a cascade an I’ve been eyeing it for a while along with everything good I’ve read about it. And I’ve been wanting to own a onedrop for some reason, even if the only OD I tried (and now own) is the M1. I’ve been also somehow shying away from the Cascade as I was reading and thinking that it might feel too undersized and too wide.

Any thoughts?


Everybody loves it, and if you don’t, people will trade good for it.

Super G

Stable, very long spinning, competition throw.


Pretttttyyyy colorssss. I’ve never actually thrown it, because the guy I know who has it won’t let me, cause he’s afraid I’ll ding it and also because he lobes the colorway.

Punchline Repeater.

Ive heard its smoother than a stick of butter, but I don’t know from experience.

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Thanks Nemyo!

I kind of second on the things you said, that’s probably why it is hard since they’re all so great! hehe

How about the Superstar? Any inputs?

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out of the ones you listed, IMO the best playing is the Capless by far. Plays better than YYR and CLYW i have, no joke.

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Get the Capless while you can mate, so worth it, great colors, and it still grinds great. I’ve had mine since Friday, and I’m playing it with a crucial bearing, soooooo godlike…

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Yeah I’m kind of leaning towards the Capless too…
I just wish I can try a Cascade so that I can compare… Nobody owns one here… hehe…

I own a Cascade, Capless and Superstar. All great yoyos and they all grind incredibly well. The Cascade is what I grab when I’m in the mood for a slower chill session. It’s just so insanely stable that I can be a bit sloppier with my play without any random spinouts. The Superstar is one of my personal favourites when it’s got the stacks removed. Very fast and very stable. And the hubstacks are fun to muck around with from time to time. The Capless is somewhere in between. It’s a very classic shape and does everything pretty well without excelling at anything in particular. That said, it’s quite a bit cheaper than the other two throws I’ve mentioned and it’s crazy cheap for the level of performance you get.

In a nutshell: I’d recommend the Capless if you’re not really sure what you like just yet because it’s a middle ground kind of throw and it’s only $65 but is comparable to most $100 throws.

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Thanks yuki!

Is the Capless forgiving on mistakes as well?

As forgiving as you could expect it to be. It’s got a nice curved shape so there’s nothing for string to really snag on when your string hits aren’t perfectly clean.


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Thanks again!
Really leaning to the Capless now… hehe… thanks!

Let us know what you end up getting and your thoughts on it after throwing it! ;D

Guys. Just want to update you. I got a Capless, even though it took so long. This thing is smooth and stable and don’t get me started with the beautiful ano job. Really comfortable to play and to the hands too.

There was just something wrong with the bearing I think. After a few hours of play it got weird noises and felt a tiny bit rough. No affect to play, I’m just being too irritable. Might need to be cleaned. I just don’t want to open the yoyo that’s why I still haven’t cleaned/replaced the bearing. hehe.