60ish bucks to spend

So I want to get a new throw and I have about $60. I like the heavier, more oversized throws, and stable on the sting. I like a good spin time (who doesn’t). Brand doesn’t matter (not to much at least). So what do y’all suggest?

Although I don’t currently own one, I hear great things about the capless.

C3 Capless is fantastic. I’ve finally been able to play a bunch of truly great yoyos in order to compare, and this one’s up there.

At half the price (some more, some less) of some “premium” branded yoyos, you are playing in the same league. And I find the build quality higher than some more expensive yoyos I’ve tried.

Naturally, preferences factor in. It’s a nice middle size, but if you like under- or over-sized, look elsewhere. If you need an IRG lip, it does not have one (you can thumb grind, but you have to make the yoyo intentionally off-axis to do it). The finish is fabulous, but there are better grinding finishes to be had out there. Not that it can’t grind, but it’s just not the World Champion of grinding.

Threw my Capless all day today and loved it. Compared to my Wrath or Avant Garde it is a LITTLE less stable in terms of effortlessly staying on-axis. But that doesn’t mean it’s “not stable”. It’s very stable. And smooth. And feels great in the hand. If I lost or damaged it, I would get another one in a heartbeat.

^Agree 100% with Greg. The Capless is a fantastic throw in your price range. I have had trouble keeping it on axis, but doesn’t mean it can’t be tamed.

It has a great feel and flows really effortlessly through any string tricks you throw at it. Great for grinds as well!

i just got a capless. love it. looks great, feels great, throws great. what more can you ask for for $65?

The Werrd Hour and God-Tricks Bounty Hunter are both really stable oversized throws. Neither of them feels particularly heavy, though the Bounty Hunter does feel heavier of the two. The Hour is larger and slimmer, while the Bounty Hunter is smaller and wider.

How does the Ringmaster play?

Get a C3 Capless.

I’d recommend getting a Capless, but the Hour fits your preferences more and it’s cheaper.

I already have the Hour and I absolutely LOVE it. But like I asked, how is the Ringmaster?

The hour sounds absoutely perfect.

I dont think too many people have played the ringmaster, with it being new and all.

BUT, if it plays anything like a Classic, than you should get it. The Classic is already nice, but it with added rim weight seems like itd be AWESOME.

I hope so, cause I ordered one.

Well tell us how it plays when you get it!

Will do. It may take a while cause I am going to disneyland for a few days and, unless it comes today (fat chance), I won’t get it till wednesday.

Oh man! Im sorry for being blind! :frowning:

You could probably find a code 2 off the BST for about $60, and a burnside for $40! And these are for near mint yoyos too!

+1 – just got a non-mint (but highly playable) Code 2 for $35. You won’t always be THAT lucky, but you’ll find some in good condition.

But if you want new, I stand by my Capless recommendation! Although they play differently and are fairly different yoyos overall, they feel like they’re in the same league. They’re just different is all.