YYJ Surge Impressions


I haven’t seen any reviews on the YYJ Surge yet, so if you have one post your thoughts here! Also if you have played one be sure to vote. Curious to see how it is. :o


It’s a good all plastic for sure, but I’m not sure that it really out performs my Paul Han One Star by any means. I found also I get random snap backs for some reason with the Surge. Though I haven’t had enough time to figure out if it’s the pads not being broken in or my string yet. Also it plays very heavy, playing for a long period of time with the Surge is a work out. It doesn’t feel quite so heavy on the string during tricks, but you feel it in your throw for sure.


I think the Surge is pretty good. While it does play heavy, it still plays lighter than its weight. It’s fairly stable and long spinning, is very smooth, and can play pretty fast. It can grind decently, and handles rejection tricks very well.


Plays pretty heavy, pretty stable and very smooth for a plastic. It would be better with a slightly wider gap (4-4.2 maybe), but the smaller gap is forcing me to play smoother and be more aware of the string in the gap. I feel like it’s a modernized FHZ.

Little test trick I did earlier today:


It’s great!Very solid feeling.It doesn’t play like a metal but still performs great.I didn’t have any problems with the gap,but that may be because i play my FHZ’s alot.

(M.DeV1) #6

Would you guys recommend the surge over chasers for 3a?


You know, the comparison to a modernized FHZ is pretty accurate.