YYJ Speeder

(YoYoBlaze) #1

So I’m absolutely sure I’m gonna get the speeder since it’s the only $40 dollar Metal rimmed yoyo that fits my preferences.
I was just wondering how it plays and the features you like about it. i’m in the advanced sections so would it be a problem for me because of the speed? and does it always play like mickey uses it or does he intentionally do things to make it play so fast? will it play fast when i try to learn tricks?

(Cinimod105) #2

It really plays like a normal yoyo. The difference is that it is easier for you to make it go faster with less force. For the last question, it really depends on you. Remember, it is the player that controls the yoyo, so it would play faster if you swing it harder.

(YoYoBlaze) #3

ok and another thing a lot of reviews say it a vibe to it is the vibe big enough to interfere with play?


i love the speeder. its one of my favorite yoyos

(Cinimod105) #5

For my speeder, it is kind of weird. When I first threw it, it had a vibe. After I dinged it once, it suddenly became extremely smooth and had almost no vibe(except for a tiny little bit)
But overall, I felt that the vibe was not really affecting play significantly, so let go of all your worries and look forward to the Speeder. ;D


Its all right. It spins long enough, and I can do all of my tricks on it.

(Mark) #7

Yeah, the vibe isn’t that bad. Also, as you play with the yoyo, your tricks will dampen out the vibe.

(YoYoBlaze) #8

sorry for all caps just noticed it right now

(Mark) #9

Oh yeah. I wrote that. I meant that it slips off the strings during a throw and feels like it doesn’t do smooth tight binds. To fix this, replace the rubber o-ring with a silicone o-ring. Also, it just feels like there is something missing. However, the hollow feeling isn’t something to worry about. If you can actually feel something wrong, use a silicone o-ring. If you can’t feel the difference, then don’t worry about it.

Sorry if that came out weird.