YYJ Prelude

This is my first review, please tell me what I need to change to make it better.

Intro: When I got this yoyo it came in the standard yoyojam box with a white string on it. I got the yellow/green one and I was immediately amazed by the color, it looked so good.

First Throw: Since it comes with the YYJ slim bearing only, it was very responsive. It was so responsive that it was hard to do string tricks. When I tried landing on trapeze it shot back to my hand.

First Throw(Large bearing): After playing responsive for a bit I decided to put one of my regular C sized bearings in there. On the throw it was pretty smooth, but a little snaggy due to the unbroken in response.


Looks/Comfort: Like I mentioned earlier the color on this yoyo is amazing especially in the light and catches your attention right away. It is full sized and fills your hand nicely the yoyo has no sharp edges and feels good in the hand and on the returns.

Binds: The binds on this yoyo are snappy once the response is broken in with little to no snags.

Overall Play: The plelude doesn’t feel like it needs to go fast even though it is super light at just under 57grams. It can play fast, slow, or in between. I would say that it is floaty and it handles hops pretty well considering the shape.The longest combo I could get out of it was about 35 seconds with barely enough spin to bind. Horizontals on the prelude are ok but harder because it is highwalled as compared to my echo which has a low wall and is great a horizontal. It is pretty smooth but has a slight vibe on the string but it is very small.

5a: The prelude is ok at 5a but I think if they made it heavier it would be better but they did that with the pinnacle.

Pros Cons

Great color Snaggy at first
Smooth for plastic Light

Conclusion: The Prelude is a great yoyo and for only $14.40 it is a great purchase. While it is great there are some things I would like to change is make it heavier and have it ship with both bearings so that when you get the basics down you don’t have to buy a bearing for the more advanced tricks. That being said don’t hesitated to buy this yoyo along with a C sized bearing to switch it out.


Niec review but maybe more about the overall shaope, and playability. ALso the old man on pawn stars is so funny and lazy (your tv in last pic)

Bump more criticism please

I think this is a solid review. My only criticism, although you did touch on it, I always appreciate more detail on what tricks work well vs what does not. I also like it when there are pictures comparing size to other (preferably common) yoyos, but that’s a minor thing.

My experience with the Prelude is very different. Stock, I didn’t think it was too responsive. I put Slick 6 string on mine and it became perfectly unresponsive enough for most intermediate level tricks. Since that was my skill level, I thought it was perfect for me. I do agree with you on most points though. It is very light and it is a great intermediate throw for the money.

Mine just arrived and was tug responsive out of the box. I was able to pull off spirit bomb and black hops even though it was stock and then get it back to my hand without binding. Of course, I switched out the string though to Kitty String…

solid review hit all the main points

keep up the good work!