yyj phenomizm

Hey guys, I want to know if the Phenomizm doesn’t crack under cold temperatures :S
Because I live in Switzerland and it’s pretty cold here.
Can someone please help me out ??? I want to know this before I get one

I don’t think phenomzim would crack
but to be safe you could buy a full metal like yuuksta or something cheaper like the raptor and DV888

Phenomizm wouldn’t crack. I don’t think so. But I would rather get a Yuuksta. The ones that crack are Northstars and Protostars.

I have a 2 Northstars, and they both have cracks. But I want something from yoyojam this time.
And if you say that the Phenomizm wouldn’t crack it’s a point for me for wanting to buy it :slight_smile:
Thanks guys :smiley:

You should send the Northstars back to yoyo factory so that they can replace them, and I don’t think that a phenomizm should crack. I heard that it is not better then the other bi-metals by yoyojam, so maybe you should try a cheaper one (I highly recommend the hitman pro).