yyj phenomizm question

Can you get over three minutes worth of spin time from the phenomizm? I’m thinking of getting a new yoyo and the phenomizm might be what i get. Do you recommend it? (please don’t post something dumb like- it spins as long as you need it to- cause thats not helpful)

personally for 66 bucks you can get better than a phenomizm and something that is metal, the yuuksta is amazing its basically a small genesis so you can be ensured amazing play ability.

but if u want a phenomizm im sure witha strong throw you can get 3 minutes

the konkave bearing is an attractice feature tho haha :smiley: but yuuksta might be a better choice. ive been thinking about that 1 too

i dont like kk’s since they bunch up the string, yuuksta is the way to go. and if u want you can get the small bearing one with a center trac

To answer your question, a Phenomizm can spin for 10 min. No this is not sarcasm.

But I’d recommend you a Yuuksta at 1$ cheaper. It’s very smooth, can handle tricks, good enough for any trick and a long enough spin time.

The reason people say “It spins long enough”, is because it does. It can handle any trick in the world, that’s why it “spins long enough”.

To answer your question, I would say that it can definitely spin above 3 minutes. With my Legacy, I can get about 5 minutes of spin time, so a Phemonizm would probably do better.
Based on your preferences, I would not strongly recommend the Yuuksta. You listed your favorite yoyo as the Dark Magic II, and the Dark Magic II is oversized, while the Yuuksta is undersized. The Phenomizm would still fit you better than the Yuuksta, as it is about the same diameter as the Dark Magic II.

One more thing, you might not like the shape of the Phenomizm because I’ve heard some refuse to buy it because of the shape. But some favor in it.

I haven’t tried the Phenomizm, but i’ve heard that thing is pure awesomeness and it spins really really long. It has a pro bearing, and it has weight rings, that gives it the spin times it needs.

i didnt know a kk was a pro bearing… a spec bearing plays just as well to me.

yuuksta = cheaper by 1 dollar, metal, h shape, anodized so it can grind, no annoying reflective caps, plays like a undersized genesis.