Yuuksta - Zen 5 - PHENOMizm

Which one should I get? The PHENOMizm comes with the konkave bearing but ive heard some bad things about it. The Zen 5 Is all metal and pretty cheap. And I just really like the yuuksta by what ive read online and the reviews.

Well. Depends on your play style really. Yuuksta is sick. I dont like kk bearings but some swear by them. Phenomizm is a bigger yo while yuuksta is small. U can’t go wrong with either. Even look into the nova I want one badly. But yuuksta is my choice out of the 3. Also there is a section for yoyo recommendations in the reviews section. They’ll probly move your thread.

Out of that group, the most bang for your buck in my opinion would be the Zen5, hands down! I absolutely love mine.

Whats the average sleep time for the Zen 5

As long as you can make it.

Its all going to depend on your throw. To be honest, I never clock my spins, so I couldn’t really tell you, but I can get it out preform a lot of throws twice it price.

I picked up a PHENOMizm at worlds today and lemme tell you its sick…
The yoyo is undersized actually. V shape, and probably a little larger than a dv888 if you have ever played one.
This yoyo can take whatever you can throw at it. Honestly the only category that the Yuuksta wins over this yoyo is being very forgiving on a bad throw.

IMHO get the PHENOMizm :wink: