yyj phenom vs yyf supernova

which one of those yoyos are more stable and faster


The phenom is more stable. You cant say which one is faster, because it depends on the player.The Phenom is heavier than the supernova. I have both yoyos and they are one of my favorites yoyos.

One word phenom, hands down one of the best yoyos.

i would say the phenom is faster. although i dont own a phenom, i do have a phenomizm.
and when i throw my braintwister combo, my phenomizm glides through the air at a quicker rate than my Supernova.
but my Supernova is more stable.

i noticed you have also made many topics about " Yoyo A vs Yoyo B. "
Not to sound mean or anything, but whats the point in making all these numerous topics?
are you trying to figure out what to buy?

Using the search feature on the forums help.